Unconventional Teaware

I was at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center today and bought this for gongfu tea: http://www.spacecampstore.com/Pop-Art-Ceramic-Shooter-MEDR27/

Obviously shooter shot glasses are not made for tea, and obviously that’s the only thing I would ever use it for. Do you ever drink tea out of something that’s not made for it?

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Cwyn said

(Hides empty soup can behind the bed.)


Soup can? LOL!!

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Cwyn said

Cute, I have a couple larger Mason jar mugs. They are great for grandpa style brewing.

Oh my gosh, those are adorable! I may or may not already have too many mason jar things, though..

darby select said

Thanks! Just what I need, couldn’t resist putting these on my wish list. They’d be so fun doing an iced tea tasting!

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I used a Fiestaware tray as a makeshift Gongfu tray the other day.

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Uniquity said

I often drink tea out of mason jars. I often drink everything out of mason jars. I have a problem.

Marzipan has inspired me to share my oddball tea tray: I take a small circular wire cooling rack (for baking) and put that in one of my large green bowls I use to serve food. The tray keeps the tea pet, gaiwan and mugs out of the water and allows it to pool in the bowl. Doesn’t look good, but works!

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