TeaOh said

Wanted: Canadian Tea Lovers

Tea Oh knows how frustrating it can be to miss out on online deals because instead of having a zip code, you have a postal code. We’re here for our fellow tea lovers! In Canada!

Shipping on all tea is the same low flat rate to anywhere in Canada (and because we couldn’t resist – the U.S. is included, too), so check us out at http://www.teaoh.com.

And speaking of deals….today only, you can get $20 of tea for $10 over here….
…and if you become a fan on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tea-Oh/136741113012635#) and post a question/comment on our wall, you’ll be entered for a chance to win free tea (winner announced July 20).

Because sometimes you just need to try new tea, eh?

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Cofftea said

I’m in the US, but still couldn’t resist looking at your site. Your Kenyan White Rhino matcha looks so good! The only other place I’ve found stone ground white tea is Muzi Tea. Although the color of your Kenyan Green Flamingo matcha concerns me… matcha is supposed to be very green… and not to mention Japanese and not Kenyan…

-Jessica- said

Oooooh Muzi is the only place I have seen ground white tea as well… I haven’t tried it, but I definitley want to! {{{going to check out Tea Oh’s site now!}}} :-D

TeaOh said

We love our US Customers too! Thanks for checking us out.

Cofftea, you’re right; matcha is traditionally a Japanese tea….but the Kenyans are the newest players in this field (pun intended), and they’re growing it at such a high altitude that it is pesticide and herbicide free!

As for the color, as you move up the quality scale for Matcha, the color becomes a more vivid green. You can see this reflected in the price difference between our Kenyan Green Flamingo, Japanese Green Frog, and Japanese Green Samurai.

Sounds like you recognize and appreciate the best matcha when you see it! Cheers.

Cofftea said

Eh- I do not have a fine enough palate to distinguish subtle differences, but “Kenyan” and “brown” I know are something I shouldn’t see connected to matcha. I’ve always been really interested in African and African American culture, so I’m thrilled they’re drinking it- and even making their own. It probably is just as fresh and high quality because they can get Kenyan tea faster… although I’ve never seen a Kenyan green even in loose leaf. And as I white tea lover I’m all over your white matcha:)

Cofftea said

Jessica, Tea Oh is a HECK of a lot cheaper for their “white matcha”. I did not factor in shipping which I almost do for a price comparison, but just comparing the product price, Tea Oh gives you 20g (2/3 the size of the Muzi jar) more for $1.50 LESS! That is by far the most drastic price comparison I’ve seen… Tea Oh, I’d love to see this as a Steepster Select Item and I know all our Canadian Steepsterites that often get jipped (either by impossibility to ship or just insane charges) would love it even more!

TeaOh said

We are really trying to bring fair prices for good tea and reasonable shipping prices to customers. Thanks for comparison shopping!

Our teas are actually sold in 50g bags.

Cofftea said

That’s exactly my point TeaOh, you sell yours 50g/$16.49 and Muzi charges $17.99 for only a 30g tin. Normally I love sample sizes, but the more matcha- the better!:)

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I took you up on the teamsave offer (still waiting for a confirmation email…)
I look forward to trying some of your teas!

TeaOh said

That is great, thank you! TeamSave will send you an email tomorrow when the deal has closed with a unique voucher code. Enjoy!

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