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Ceremonial Matcha at Wholesale?

Looking for a place where I can get real matcha at wholesale. Currently, I’m browsing through Alibaba’s Japanese listings to find some company that might be offering. Is this the wrong method? Is there a better way? Does anybody here have any recommendations for ceremonial grade stuff (if it’s even available in bulk)? Just curious about the idea of koicha and all.

I guess I’m just feeling slightly bad for failing to do my research on what constitutes matcha, and ending up buying what’s essentially green tea powder. So yeah, I’m looking for a little bit of help…

(Also, for all it’s worth, the Japanese surplus store sadly doesn’t have any tea ceremony stuff, just tea sets)

Edit: Looked at a couple of matcha sites and found their prices umm… simply put, bank breaking… I’m on a budget of $100.

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This merchant does not sell wholesale, but try this link for a free bamboo scoop with a purchase of 200g of cafe grade matcha at $59 (you didn’t mention the quantity of matcha for your $100 budget). They also have a subscription program or tiered pricing for different grades of bulk matcha.

Norfür said

Ah yeah, my bad. I was looking for ceremonial grade matcha.

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Norfür said

These guys look like they have a lot of the stuff. Even have some ceremonial grades too… but I find it curious the ceremonial grade ones are all from China. I thought that was a Japanese thing…?

Norfür said

Yeah, that does sound bank breaking. Which brings me to the question. If given that all processing and organic certification being equal, will the effects of the different terroir between China and Japan really affect the taste that much? I’m wanting to try out koicha.

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I’ll give you my two cents:

The producing region matters, a matcha from Japan, especially from Uji, will be more expensive than a Chinese one. In other words, you can use the origin as a selling point, or compete based on low price.

The ceremonial matcha should be somewhat creamy, have some sweetness, and low astringency and bitterness. The color shouldn’t have a yellows hue.

Between different matchas you’ll find different grades of quality, depending on quality of leaf (which harvest of the year, shading process) and milling process (traditional which is slow and expensive vs modern which is quicker but quality suffers).

I would choose to go on the safe side and order from a reputed provider, it can be from any country, but since your budget is limited you shouldn’t risk buying from a company which may give you headaches later on.

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yssah said

how much matcha are you expecting to buy?

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