I am an online loose leaf tea company that has just started out. As part of trying to get different Teas out there to new and old customers I am offering free tea samples with every order! Also 3% of all my profits go to the fight to end Breast Cancer! check me out and if there is something you dont see , just email me. (i have a limited quanity on hand because of my size and newness)
Brew what you love, and love what you Brew!
[email protected]

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Cofftea said

As much as I LOVE free tea, I’m way more jazzed about your giving 3% to breast cancer research. AND you’re located in my fave city!:)

Cofftea said

Do you have a brick ‘n’ mortar shop or just online?

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yippeee for Jazziness!

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Hblamo said

I can’t wait till I get some money to buy some stuff;)

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Hallieod said

Your site is lovely, and your teas look great too! Just a suggestion – might be worth adding a section on shipping costs somewhere that’s easy to find? The info might be there, but I couldn’t find it. It appears from the PayPal page that you only ship to the US, but even people there might want to see what the cost of shipping will be before they go to PayPal to pay. Good luck with your company!

Cofftea said


Great Idea :) the site I used to make my site is great except the shipping portion! I’m still tsing to work out the kinks! First I had free shipping because there was no way to add shipping now I have shipping but it is by amout $$ wise someone spends … I’m having trouble with that though cause if someone orders an expensive tea that only weighs 4oz then shipping is tons and if someone orders an cheap teapot but is heavy it will coat very little to them! Yet it would be opposite for me! But the site does not allow for shipping any other way except cost!! Very annoying… Anyone have suggestions?

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Too funny your name is the same as my sister and it is spelled the same as well.

Also might I suggest a non Flash verison of the site. I am an iPad user and can’t use it since the iPad does not support Flash.

wow really same spelling? that is unusual! Yes the Flash part is also a huge issues as soon as my year subscription is up I will be looking for a new one that has better shipping options and non Flash for Ipad/Iphone users! it is a bummer!

Cool thanks in the meantime I will look at your site on the hubbies laptop.

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