The culture and historical knowledge of Pu'er tea

Learn Puerh,enjoy Puerh tea!

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holy source of Pu’er Tea

Pu’er is the heartland of the origin place of tea trees in the world, the hometown of “Pu’er Tea” and the start of the ancient tea-horse roads.

In Pu’er, there is the wide-leaf magnolia fossil, which is the ancestor of tea trees dated back to 35.40 million years ago, the king of the wild ancient tea trees of 2,700 years old, transitional ancient tea trees with a history of more than 1,700 years and cultivated ancient tea trees covering ten thousand mu and boasting a history of one thousand years. In addition, the city has 3.25 million mu of tea gardens, including 1.36 million mu of modern tea gardens, 1.18 million mu of wild ancient tea communities, 180,000 mu of ancient tea trees and 530,000 mu of tea tree forests.
Among a variety of tea leaves, Pu’er Tea is reputed to be a “curio” we can drink for its unique taste, special health care functions and high collection value.

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