52 Teas/ Southern Boys Ice Tea Kickstarter- Let's do this!

Ok, so I am in no way officially related to 52 Teas or Southern Boys Ice Tea, but I did just hear of their current kickstarter and trying to help Frank get to a show where he can sell his incredible tea. I searched on here to see if anyone had a thread about it and was a bit surprised that my search didn’t yield anything.

So… I wanted to share with you guys so that he can raise the last bit of money he needs. I mean… you get tea for pledging after all so why not help out! Any one who has had the pleasure of trying any of the blends that Frank has put together can attest that his tea is some of the best out there. It’s so close to the final goal too!!!

I highly encourage everyone to at the very least go check it out. I’m not big into this whole kickstarter thing, this is actually the first thing I have ever backed- but when it comes to delicious tea and supporting such an incredible tea making magician- well, I just had to post!

The kickstarter can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2045829949/help-southern-boy-teas-exhibit-at-asd

He is trying to raise the money by July 22, 2014- and is almost there!!! $4,156 out of $5,000 raised is pretty darn good if you ask me.

Enough of my ranting… go put in your pledge!

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I just saw this. Thank you for sharing it. I’m so happy we made our goal. I can’t wait to share our teas with all of the buyers at the tradeshow.

Does anyone know how many sample cups I should buy for a tradeshow with 35,000 expected attendees? We’re going to be sampling three of our best iced teas. LOL.

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