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So I only recently joined, and have noticed that some of the teas say you can steep them as many as 5 times. My question is after the first steeping or two, can I ‘save’ it some how for later? And if so for how long?

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weegeebee1 said

I’ve done sessions over 1-2 days. I’m sure some health nut is going to say that I can die from it somehow, but I’m alive and kicking.

What I usually do is leave it uncovered so it’ll dry out if I know it’s going to be a while until next steep (i.e. over night). If I know I’m going to crush it out in one day, then I leave it covered the whole time.

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Uniquity said

Check out this thread: for some recent thoughts on the topic. Basically, it comes down to your comfort. I leave mine out (covered or otherwise) for a day or two regularly. Others aren’t comfortable with leaving them more than a few hours.

I leave them in the infuser, but others dry them on paper towel or store them in the fridge.

I always go with the obvious: if it’s moldy or stinky, throw it out.

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Personally, I do no more than 24 hours but only a few hours if there is fruit in the tea.

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We start tea before dialysis in the mornings and then leave and come back 5 hours later and go right back to steeping, we do that alot

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If I am going to let my leaves sit for more than 12 hours, I spread them out of a plate so they will dry. I only do this with my unflavored teas, I am leery of doing it with teas that may have sugars or other interesting things, I have tried it before but it seems to taste kinda rancid.

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I’ve gotten 16 steepings out of some teas! Short steepings though.

I have let tea sit overnight to steep it the next day. I also live in a drier climate – some might not have that option.

Another thing I like to do is if I don’t get all the steepings out is I will cold brew the leftover tea. To do that, just put the leaves in a vessel (like a traveling tea mug, pitcher or mason jar) and let it steep overnight.

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Wow did not think there would be this many responses this quick thank you all. Awkward soul I like that idea of cold brewing that sounds like a good option. Cause unfortunately for my teas I live in kind of a wetter climate.

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