Arshness said

Antique Tea Set Find!!

I am so excited about this! I stopped at a yardsale the other day to look at a painting I saw and what did I find? An antique set of dishes including tea cups, saucers, desert plates, soup bowls, salad bowls, salad plates and dinner plates. They were ceramic, made in USA (the man said they were made in Pennsylvania) and they have this lovely green pattern on them. Each type of dish had a different picture in the center. The teacups themselves are perfect! They have a book and scroll and quill and ink on them. The saucers have a teapot!
And I found a tiny teapot too! It’s white and ceramic. It strangely has three little holes in the top. Not sure what that’s about but it’s a perfect size for me to try some Gong Fu styled Pu Erh since I don’t have a Gaiwan. The best part? I got all of it for $10!!! And the guy threw in several other things pro bono.

Here’s some pics. ^^

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mj said

Nice find!! I love the quill and scroll design :)

Katiek said

Very pretty.

Cwyn said

I like that set very much! Never seen anything quite like it…

Explanations for the hole (there’s normally just one though):

Enjoy gong fu steeping. It really is different! :)

Arshness said

Ahh! Thank you. It is a tiny teapot. It would not hold more than one cup of tea I think. Perfect for Gong Fu tho. :)

Arshness said

Ahh! Thank you. It is a tiny teapot. It would not hold more than one cup of tea I think. Perfect for Gong Fu tho. :)

Another explaination for the holes in that teapot is that it’s not an actual teapot (as in put tea in and drink from) but an incense holder. I’ve got a ceramic piece with the same type holes, but it’s just a jug shape, not a teapot.
I love the teacups on that other set. Has a very Harry Potter type feel to me. Lol!

Arshness said

Oooh like a potpourri dish. Well it was new in packaging at the yardsale so I’m going to assume it’s never been used that way before and… try it anyway. Because I need something small for Gong Fu brewing. :) And I am cheap/poor haha. It was thrown in for free with my $10 dish set.

Kaylee said

That is so pretty! Enjoy!

apt said

measure the capacity of the teapot! fill it up with water and pour it into a measuring cup. knowing the capacity of your brewing vessel helps you get the right ratios.

Arshness said

Good idea. I’m pretty sure it’s one cup. I made pu erh in it this morning and it filled my teacup which looks like a one cup capacity.

Charming! Interesting drawer-handle designs on the rim of the teapot plate.

zee said
zee said


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