Marco Polo / Lewis and Clarke TTB Sign Up List (CLOSED)

Two (nearly) identical boxes named Marco Polo and Lewis and Clarke. Rather than doing two sign ups, I’d rather have all the names in one spot so I can group them better by location.

This box is made possible by the following companies who provided samples:

The Persimmon Tree Tea
Tea at Sea
The Tea Spot
Verdant Tea
Green Terrace Tea
Yunnan Sourcing
Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices & Herbs
Tea From Taiwan

Some things to keep in mind for this TTB:
-Unlike other TTBs, writing tasting notes will be required for this box. This is the least we can do to show our appreciate for the free samples.
- This TTB will be for tasting teas, rather than for acquiring new full-sized teas for your cupboard. You will add as much tea to the box as you sample.
- I will be basing my selection of participants based on swap history and Steepster activity. So if you know that you are very new to Steepster and/or have never been in a swap before, just know that you’re not quite ready for this TTB yet (sorry!).
- With the large amount of tea, it’s likely that shipping for this TTB may run a little on the higher side, so keep that in mind before you commit.

That all being said, if you’re interesting in participating in this TTB, please comment what state you live in and give me an idea of how active you are on Steepster (i.e. “I’ve been in 4 TTBs so far,” “I’ve been on Steepster almost every day for almost a year.”, etc)

I know that may be a lot of info, but I hope it wasn’t too confusing. I’ll post the list of who’s gonna be in the box here and create new threads when everything’s ready to go!

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Mandy said

Florida, I’ve been on daily for about 4 months, I’ve been through one TTB, and I’m in line for I think three more ATM.


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I would like to participate! I’m in New York.

I’ve only been on Steepster for about a month and a half, but I already have almost 200 tasting notes and I’m absolutely active every day.

I haven’t completed a TTB yet, I’m signed up for two that are starting and I should have my first one this week. I’ve also done swaps with several people.

On a side note, it’s awesome that so many companies were willing to give you samples for these boxes! So nice of them. :)

I know right! I was so thrilled with all the positive responses! (especially since I got so many rejections. lol)

I was afraid there weren’t going to be any takers for while, seemed like no one replied for a long time. So I’m glad it turned out so well! :)

Yeah, my approach was wrong. I was just waiting for Steepster replies. Once I started sending emails, that’s when the magic happened!

Well there’s definitely something to be said for being proactive. There are still a couple of companies that I need to request free samples from for review, but I’m worried they won’t consider it since I haven’t been around long. I guess I should probably just ask anyway! :P

Mandy said

Never hurts just to ask. I was sort of amazed by how many yeses I got when I asked around.

worst they can do is say no! :P

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Sounds interesting. Can I follow this without joining? I lack shipping funds, and I’ll be getting a new address in a few months.

By all means, subscribe and you’ll get the updates :P

Cool. FYI, Verdant is on your list twice.


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I would like to join! I have done a few swaps, have been in two TTBs and I am waiting for two more to come my way. I blog/post long winded tasting notes on teas pretty much every day. I am in Kansas City, MO (totally forgot to mention, I have been here a little over a year)

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Me please, KY. I am ridiculously active on Steepster.

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carol who said

I live outside of Chicago. I’ve been on steepster since last fall. I’ve done several TTB and a bunch of swaps. I have a dumb question… are we adding teas or just sampling the tea company samples and not adding to it.

Sampling and adding. For example if you try 8 5g samples then you’d add 40g of tea. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll edit it in.

I’m not it, but is it US or Canada/ US?

US! Thanks for asking.

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I have been on steepster since April 2013. But have become more active at the begining of this year. I have been in one ttb and am inline for another. I have also partaken in a swap. I Do not normally post reviews but I would be happy to for this box. Oh and I check steepster mutliple times daily. I LOVE this community:). I Live in NH

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I’d love to join! I’ve participated in a few teaboxes (including starting my own that is now on its third round), many swaps, and I don’t think I’ll ever leave Steepster unless other Steepsterers make me. :D I’m in NY. Thanks so much!

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I wanted to pop in and say this is a great idea, madametj! Thank you for setting this up! (passing as I have crazy amounts of teas to review atm)

thanks! :)

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kimquat said

I would love to join this one! I’ve been active on Steepster for about a year. Even if I’m not posting notes I at least have a tab open in my browser at all times, haha. I’ve done at least a dozen different swaps and I’ve participated in the Unflavored TTB organized by MzPriss. (Currently on the list for a different box.) I’m in AR! It’s SO AWESOME that you have so many great companies contributing to these. I’m excited!

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