Cofftea said

Amusing article on bottled water

Since better water means better tea, I thought this article was quite amusing: What was that about the quality/price correlation? lol

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Spot52 select said

The rainwater cracks me up a little. It is clean because it hasn’t hit the ground yet. Does that make it clean? I am self-admittedly ignorant on the subject, but it seems a little queer.

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I saw that article…
And I too thought about how it would taste with tea!

I think I want to train my tastebuds a bit more before I attempt it, though.

I read something recently about how Lu Yu knew so well what water to use and where to get it, that he could tell if even a small amount of lower-quality water had been added to make tea. It would be interesting to see how he’d respond to this global access to different water sources :P

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