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New Tazo 0 calorie 0 artificial sweetener RTD iced teas & tisanes made w/ stevia @ Starbucks!

I’m personally not a fan of sweet teas, but if you are- here’s some news that will make you happy. You can now drink sweet tea at Starbucks free of sugar and artifical sweeteners!

Always on the lookout to surprise us with something new – our Tazo® shaman consulted his tea leaves, muttered wise incantations – and concocted not one but three new drinks.

Perfect for summer and delightfully refreshing are Tazo® Zero Calorie bottled iced teas. With flavors inspired by our hot tea blends, they have zero calories and are naturally sweetened with stevia – nature’s answer to sugar.

So kick-start your mornings with Tazo® Zero Calorie Refresh – a bracing blend of Northwest-grown peppermint and spearmint, with a pinch of tarragon. (Caffeine-free).

Or get into a tropical vibe with Tazo® Zero Calorie Passion. This thirst-quenching infusion of hibiscus, tangy lemongrass and rose hips is sealed with a kiss of mango and passion fruit. (Caffeine-free).

Tazo® Zero Calorie Zen brings out your inner Om in times of stress. Sink into meditative bliss with green tea, accented by lemon and mint.

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