Boba Tea

Black Tea/ Lychee Jelly

“You got: Old Fashioned
You don’t like to try new things all that often, but it’s not because you’re afraid of novelty. It’s just that you prefer the old school joys in life. Some things just can’t be improved upon!”

What did you get?

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Ost said

I love boba so much! XD
I got:
Green Tea/Boba

You got: Old Soul
You’re wise beyond your years. This definitely isn’t your first time on this earth, and it certainly won’t be your last. You’re in tune with the yourself and the universe, and not much stresses you out. You can also read people like a book. You might be a little bit psychic.

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I chose:

Melon Milk Tea with Fruit Bits

Super Unique: You’ve been called weird more than once, but you take it as a compliment. Your sense of humor is more than a little absurd and you really don’t care what people think. You’re too busy being unique and amazing to worry about the haters.

I love all milk teas but the honeydew is absolutely my favorite. :D

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Skysamurai said

Super yum. I love them. Matcha Green tea latte with boba,
Taro, peppermint black tea with pearls

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I love Taro Slush with boba. I’m pretty simple when it comes to bubble tea.

You got: Classic Cool
You’re super cool and always ahead of the game, but you’re also discerning about what trends you follow. You don’t hop on any old bandwagon. Your style is timeless, your fashion impeccable, and you’ve always been told you act mature for your age. You sort of miss old Hollywood, or at least the idea of it. You roll your eyes at Gwyneth Paltrow’s newsletter, but you still subscribe to it.

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Tealizzy said

Haha! Fun!

I got Fruit Slush with Boba.

You Got: Total Sweetheart
You’re a friend to everyone. You’ll give a second chance to anyone (and sometimes a third) because you want to see the good in everyone. You’re far from naive, though. Your warm heart is infectious and brings joy to all those around you.

I don’t know if I’m THAT sweet! Lol! ;)

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Mandy said

Green Tea Slush with Popping Boba:
You got: Alluring and Seductive
Ooh, baby. You’re one hot individual. You can barely keep track of all the honeys blowin’ up your phone. You’re attractive and fun and it’s sort of annoying how great you are, but let the haters hate. You’ve got too much going on to worry about other people’s opinions.
HA! Yeah, I don’t think so xD

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