Happy Friday & Tea Trivia Day! Play to win $50 to our tea shop!

Just a friendly reminder to check our blog to play tea trivia!

It’s easy: Just be the first to get all questions right (by posting them in the comment page) and get a $50 gift certificate to our store!

Questions shall be posted at noon on our blog: http://www.shopsanctuaryt.com/blog/

Don’t miss out! It’s going to be steaming fun!

Sanctuary T

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I always forget!!! And when I think of it it’s most likely too late!!! LOL – Won’t know unless ya try tho, eh!?

Cofftea said

Yeah I have to remember they say noon, but it’s 11 here. I always get nervous when there’s stuff I have to look up. I’m afraid my research will take too long lol.

I know what you mean! LOL

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Hope I win. I think I could spend that $50 in about 50 seconds.

Cofftea said

Haha if I win, you can have it:)

LENA said

LOL…me too. $50 can go super fast when buying quality tea.

Cofftea said

lol I have my $50 planned (actually plus $3 and shipping) and tea actually isn’t factored in there at all.

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Kristin said

I played… although I know I am probably WAAAYYY to late.

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Thanks for playing!

The winners have been announced! http://www.shopsanctuaryt.com/blog/

Next week is the last week so there is one more chance! Off to go steep some rooibos chai with milk!

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