FREE Gongfu Teapot w/ purchase of $75 from Eco-Cha

Get a Gongfu clay tea pot free with your purchase of $75 or more of tea.

We started with 10 teapots, but we gave our newsletter subscribers got first dibs last night, so there are only 3 left!

Act fast if you want yours, here’s the link:

Oh and if you want early notification next time here’s our newsletter sign up:

How it works:

1. Add the product to your cart
2. Add $75 or more of tea to your cart
3. Checkout
4. That’s it! Your tea and new teapot are on the way!
*As always, with $75 or more at Eco-Cha you get free shipping!

So to summarize you get…great farm-fresh oolong tea, a free gongfu teapot, and free shipping!

The Fun, Teapot Surprise!

Each teapot is different. After we took the photos (see our site and Facebook page), we boxed them so we don’t know which is which! That means it will be a surprise which teapot you’ll get. To you and to us!

The Story:

We spent the day at the Dali Flower Market in Taichung (here’s a photo album: ) and picked out 10 nice teapots. To share a little more of the local tea culture, and to show our appreciation for all the support the tea community has shown Eco-Cha, we’re giving them away!


*Only 1 teapot per order. We’ve got to share!

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Cheri select said

Those tea pots are cute. I love the idea that you just boxed them up and don’t know which is which, either.

I’m debating with myself if I really, truly did limit myself because I already bought a bunch of tea in the last couple of weeks….

Cheri select said

I had multiple of your teas on my dream wishlist, so I went ahead and did it. But that’s it. No more tea for at least this month.

Lol, Cheri, i like how realistic you are : “for at least this month” :-)

Cheri select said

And to be honest, that could change at any minute if I see something else I need.

If I get too overwhelmed, I’ll just start a TTB or something.

Thanks Cheri! We love the surprise part of it too, can’t wait to see which one everyone gets!

Most of all though we’re exited you’re going to try some of our teas! If you haven’t already, check out the ‘origin’ tab on each tea selection for a story of where it came from.

Thanks for your support!

Cheri select said

I’ve had a couple of your teas before, but this is my first time buying. I’m really looking forward to it, and trying out the new teapot!

Thanks Cheri! Can’t wait to hear what you think of this season’s tea and the teapot!

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This is awesome….I can’t resist a little pot and great oolong. Order placed!

Cheri select said

I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t resist. I resisted last night when this offer showed up on the newsletter, but I couldn’t resist today.

Dexter said

Fairy OH YOU DIDN’T!??! (shaking head in disbelief….)

Lol, this is an offer pretty hard to say no to. And I was planning on buying another pot anyways. It’s kind of fun not knowing what kind of pot you get! What did buy?

yyz said

I will was tempted yesterday,but seeing as I have quite a bit unopened oolong at the moment I held back. Excited to see which one you get. Which one do you want?

Cheri select said

I got
Tsui Yu Jade Oolong
Four Seasons Spring Oolong
Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong (I got this in the one and only Steepster select box I got, and I loved it.)
Jin Xuan Oolong
and I thought I’d try the Black Tea 2 Pack. (I’m starting to like black teas. If I don’t like it, I’ll just mail it to Marzipan.)

Yyz, I don’t know!!! There Are so many on that picture. Will definitely post picture when I get it. This is so exciting.

Nice selection cheri! Dang, did not see they had a black tea pack. Oh well. Glad you are starting to enjoy them black teas!

I got their $50 award winner Dong Ding Jin Xuan Oolong, Shan Lin Xi High Mountain and Four Seasons Spring Oolong .

Cheri select said

I almost didn’t see it, either. :)

That’s a nice selection you have there, too. So many good teas. I went with smaller amounts and a variety this time.

apt said

thanks for not buying the concubine oolong, suckers.

apt said

although the ShanLinXi High Mountain and Dong Ding are excellent as well. The Jin Xuan was nice, but I wouldn’t reorder. Tsui Yu was the worst of the lot, not bad, just the worst (of the best)

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Om my. Dexter, I DID, I DID!!!! Did i not want more oolong and another pot though?

Cheri select said

I love the pots. I love that I don’t know which pot I’m going to get. There are some I think are cuter than others, but I’ll be happy with whatever I get.

And who can resist great oolong? There is no such thing as too much oolong.

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Thanks everyone! We’re all out of teapots now. Congratulations to everyone that got one!

We’re really exited about the surprise element, can’t wait to see which teapot everyone gets!

We cured each pot before boxing them up too:

We’ll do something like this again with something else cool we come across in the markets here in Taiwan.

Have a great weekend and happy brewing!

Thanks for this amazing opportunity…can’t wait to try your tea in the little pot :-)

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I just signed up for your newsletter – looking forward to more announcements like this.

Thanks Christina! More on the way!

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Cheri select said

My order arrived today. I’ll have to take pictures tomorrow.

Oh! Cheri, are you in my head?? I was just thinking about it and hoping it will come soon!!

Do you like your surprised yixing? Is it small enough? Please do tell!!!

Cheri select said

It’s rather small. I didn’t measure it. I picked the package up at the post office on our way out to the bar for our favorite manager’s last night. We just got back. It’s my first, so I can’t say for sure, but it seems like the right size. It’s really cute.

Oh! Thank you :-) now I’m really anxious to get mine…Can’t wait to see your pics!! This is really exciting, happy for you.

boychik said

Small is good Cheri.

Cheri select said

I know small is good. I did a quick and hurried measurement, and I think it’s about 150ml when I filled it completely with water. That seems to be a pretty good size, I think.

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guozhi-liu said

Oh my God, for a Gongfu Teapot w/ purchase of $75 ,I think the cost is too high ,Do you provide any discount offer ,Because I am a habituated of black tea ,which I normally purchased through teanaga ,but if you will provide me in a good margin ,then I will purchase your tea pot with black tea.

Considering they sold out of them, I think the price was ok.

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Cheri select said

So now I have my cute little teapot.

Eco-Cha said they seasoned the teapots, but does it make sense to season it some more? I plan to use it for oolongs.

boychik said

OMG, i love it! this style is Shui Ping. I cant say should reseason it or not. it takes years to built up flavor

Cheri select said

I think it’s adorable. It was actually one of the ones from the picture of all the pots that I liked best. (I didn’t get the one I liked BEST but definitely top three.)

Oh! Gorgious!!! Did not expect it to come in a pretty box, thought since it was free it would just be bubble wrapped. Thanks for posting, it’s beautiful. And from the picture eco cha posted, it did look like they seasoned them with oolong.

Cheri select said

I wasn’t expecting the pretty box, either. It’s a nice box. And it did look like they were seasoned with oolong, but I’ve never had a clay teapot before. I wasn’t sure if it would make sense to do it again so that it would be even more flavored to start.

You can season as often as you’d like, it will only help to give it another bath!

SarsyPie said

Very cute!!!! I like to give my baby yixings baths regularly!

Cheri select said

Then maybe I’ll do that tonight and let it cool overnight…..

Hi Cheri,

Thanks for posting photos! That was one of my favorites (I did like them all though). How’s it brewing? What teas have you tried in it?

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Got my order today! Thank you so much Eco-Cha…Love your packaging, it’s impeccable, can’t wait to try you tea tonight.

Also…the surprise Yixing is so darn cute!! I love it, came with a nice box all wrapped in a beautiful red towel.

I am impressed, THANK YOU!


Great to hear! Very happy to hear you like the packaging, thanks for the kind words!

We use those tea towels all the time so thought we’d throw 1 in with the teapots. They are handy.

Happy you got a teapot you like as well! Loved seeing the photos on IG!

Happy sipping and THANK YOU!

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Hi All,

Really happy to hear everyone is enjoying their teapots. Thanks so much all for posting photos! It’s great to see which pot everyone got.

We’ve seen a few photos on IG as well. If you like, send us photos to [email protected]com and we’ll put up a Facebook album of all the teapots.

Most of all though…we’d love to hear how you’re enjoying the tea!

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