Lion select said

Best Loose Green Tea You've Had? (unflavored)

Hi again tea junkies!

I am here to ask an important question. What is the best loose leaf green tea you’ve had? I am interested in strictly unscented unflavored teas, so nothing Jasmine or anything like that.

It can be Chinese or sencha or whatever you think is best.

On another note, is there a way to search teas by rating on Steepster? Like to find out what the highest rated teas are?

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yyz said

If you just want to see the highest rated green teas click on teas and select sort by highest rating. If you click on a company name you can do the same thing.

My favourite ever green tea so far is this one

Currently you can only get it on Taobao

But I have enjoyed pretty well all the teas I’ve had from this region.

hehe, I think we answered this at the same time :P

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When you go to the ‘teas’ tab on the top on the side you can select sort by highest rated and you can then unselect everything but green tea.

The best ones I have ever had are: Anji Bai Cha (specifically by Teasenz) Lui An Gui Pian (Teavivre) Gyokuro Kukicha (Den’s Tea) Sencha of the Summer Sun (Obubu by way of Yunomi) and Shincha from Onejime, Kagoshima (Yaname-en by way of Yunomi)

I certainly have had a lot more that are favorites and really fantastic, but those are the ones that occasionally sneak into my dreams they are so good…and also I can never manage to keep them around for very long.

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Riimu said

Best ones so far I’ve had are Bai mao Hou also called White monkey, very light, sweet and flowery tea. It’s like between green and white tea but is still green. Longjing and bancha are too my favorites, also En shi yu lu, Gyokuro blend is pretty good too.

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lkbigfish said

I love green tea. Hard to beat a good longjing (dragonwell), but I also enjoy bilo chun and mao feng.

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Teatotaler said

Though I am a diehard black tea aficionado, there are some green teas that I really enjoy. The best, in my opinion, is Temple of Heaven China Gunpowder green tea. It’s wonderfully nutty and refreshing. Also, it’s great in a Prince of Wales blend that I do – Blends beautifully with black teas!

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I’m not as into green teas as I used to be. The one I most liked recently was Bi Luo Chun Green Tea (Pi Lo Chun) from Teavivre.

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Ubacat said

I am a green tea lover. If you’re ever looking for greens , whites , and oolongs you could follow me.

An amazing one is from Tea at Sea.!product/prd1/1785210515/mountain-organic-indonesian-green

Tealux has loads of amazing green teas. I’ve got a Mao Feng Yunnan that is great. There’s a great sencha: Tenkaichi Sencha Supreme. Too many to count or think of at Tealux but some of the high quality ones can get a bit pricey. Look for sales.

The Bi Luo Chun and the dragonwell at both Teavivre and Royal Tea Bay is excellent!

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Cwyn said

My favorites are Sencha Ashikubo and island marine (slightly salty) Korean sejak.

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