carol who said

Tea buying gone wild!

I just got back from Sarasota after buying just about all the tea in town. I feel like I supported all the tea shops. It was so much fun! I really had a hard time getting it all in my already overcrowded suitcase.
Local Coffee and Tea: Shelby Garden’s
White Mischief White
CreativiTea (2) Herbal
Sweet Orange Mate
British Breakfast Orange Pekoe
Lapsang Souchong
Selby Select Rooibos
Mote Beach
Van Wezel Anniversa-Tea
Strawberry Smile
Pear mu tan

Sarasota Spice and Tea Co
Mint-Chilla Chai-Nilla Pu-erh
Hazelnut Cookie Black
Green Tropical
Blood Orange Smoothie Rooibos
Mystic Dragon Green
Bonita Peach Rooibos
Pear Caramel Tea
Marakesh Mint

Sarasota Tea Company TheTea House
Corsican Pear Spice Rooibos
Orange Pepper Rooibos
Raspberry Black
Orchid Vanilla Black
Spicy Basil Lemongrass
Blood Chocolate Orange

Tastefully British Chocolate Coconut Black

Sir Aubrey’s White Lion Tuscan Garden

Harney and Sons
Pomegraneate Oolong
Earl Gey Supreme
Organic Bangkok Green
Amba Lemongrass
Birthday Tea
Elyse’s Blend
Chinese Flower

Brownlow Red Raspberry

The biggest problem I have is I’m expecting a couple of TTBs! How will I ever get all of these tasted? Drink, drink, drink!

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Ost said

:O That’s a lot of tea! But hey…you can never have too much tea! :P
Hope you enjoy it! :D

AllanK said

I agree with that sentiment, you can never have too much tea, but you can spend too much on tea.

Ost said

True. But vacation doesn’t count :P Soo it’s fine for her haha!

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carol who said

Exactly! Vacation doesn’t count! But… I’m going on vacation again in August. But that will be with my husband so I will be more restrained.

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After you send half to me your problem will be half solved!

Ost said

Well played, well played. XD

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MzPriss said

Wow, I thought I just bought a shitload of tea. I’m feeling better.

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If you mail some to me, it will fit in your suitcase better. Otherwise, you have a fun excuse for a party. (I’d make scones if I lived closer.)

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carol who said

Uh oh! My husband has checked the credit card on line. Damn the internet for their speed and efficiency! Now I’ve got some explaining to do. Guess I won’t be buying any tea for a while….

Ubacat said

You MUST get a credit card under your own name that he does not have internet access to. That’s what I do for all my tea purchases! (sneaky laugh)

boychik said

Make sure it’s paperless statement. My hubby was on alert every 20th of the month. It was like race who gets the mail first. I decided its too much of a fun. Paper less is the answer.

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