Replacement Lid?

So I went to my local thrift store for a quick visit today (they were having a half-off sale and I wanted a new robe) a quick browse through the housewares found me a tiny yixing teapot. Problem is this tiny treasure is missing its lid!

I am hoping that some future trip to the thrift store will turn up the lid (teapots at this store are notorious for always losing their lids…and sometimes they turn up) but if not, well…

Anyone know of a place to get replacement yixing teapot lids? Or any suggestions on a makeshift lid?

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AllanK said

Its going to be virtually impossible to find a tight fitting lid without buying another of the same teapot.

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Dustin said

Find someone local who does ceramics, take it into them and ask them if they can make you a lid to fit? Kinda take the “thrift” out of the find, but it makes it a working pot again.

True true, you know, I have been debating taking a pottery class…that could get me some good connections, or I could try it myself. That can only end well :P

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Cwyn said

I don’t really think the lid is necessary but in the meantime get a cork to fit it. Hardware stores often have corks in different sizes.

That is a great idea! Thank you :)

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apt said

you could always use it as a pitcher

That is also a good idea!

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SarsyPie said

If you end up making or finding someone to make a lid, let us know. You can’t be the only person ever to have this happen and it may be useful info. :)

I will definitely do so!

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