A beginner's intro to gongfu shu pu-erh

Hey all, I’ve been getting a few people started with gongfu shu pu-erh recently and figured I’d let you all in on it, too! :)

Here’s a short article explaining a very generalized way to “ease in” to shu. Let me know what you all think!




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boychik said

That’s simply awesome Brenden
The only thing I don’t separate leaves. I let them separate naturally because as you stated they break easily. Everything else I agree. Thank you for making easy guide.

Yeah, a lot of people leave the chunks together. I personally spend about 10 minutes very very carefully disassembling them every time. I love the time I spend with my ritual…getting intimate with the shu! ;-)

I once had a shu that took 10 minutes in boiling water before it loosened up enough to give any flavor off. Twas crazy!

And no worries :) I’d love to start up a bunch of articles on various tea related topics and stuff…but I’m always so busy frolicking in the forest! :P

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apt said

shu is so easy to brew though. it doesn’t get bitter

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