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Hello all!
Being very new to steepster, but a life-long drinker of tea, I have started a new blog/website with tea reviews. I would really appreciate any feedback you could provide me with! Please let me know! Thanks!:)


Happy sippin’

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The site looks nice, but to be honest I didn’t get much value out of the reviews.

Thanks for the feedback. How could I be more helpful?

Please note, I only mean this to be helpful, not critical. I can’t help but get my red pen out when asked.

For one thing, all of the reviews are 5/5, and I doubt those are the greatest teas out there.

The reviews don’t really tell much about the teas. How did the leaf look, how did it smell? How did you infuse it and for how long? What did the leaves look like after infusing? Were you able to infuse more that once? One says “at $6.99” but then doesn’t say for how much. For a cup, for a pound? Did it taste different hot than cold?

Maybe follow some people on here and become part of the community, read some reviews, you’ll start to learn what sorts of descriptions people who read about tea value.

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Riimu said

I tried to be constructive…

To me your reviews looked more like those ‘introductions’ that they have in teashop sites, I started to feel like you are trying to sell that tea to me not review it. Also they lack feelings, if you love it or hate it show it you really can’t like all teas that you taste so if there is something that you don’t like just say it.

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You link websites for the teas, but don’t actually make them working links – having working links adds ease to the reader – plus tea companies would prefer it as the point of the review is to get the reader to their site (and hopefully buy the tea).

It took me a bit to realize you had more photos on each tea – your nice pics are hidden behind the carousel. I’d also break up your review for it to be easier to read rather than a block of text.

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