teajoteas said

Did you enter our #ThisIsMyTEAcation contest? Winners will be announced on.....

I know you’re all anxious to see who won, especially if you entered! We’re going through the top 10 right now. Well, at least my judges are. If you wondering how the winners will be chosen, the judges don’t see the votes, just the pics. I told them to judge based on creativity and how well they fit the #thisismyteacation theme. By the way, I’m not involved in the judging since I’m too close to the action and prefer to keep it that way :)

Anyway, the 3 winners will be announced and posted this Saturday, Aug. 9. I’ll also notify the winners via email.

I really enjoyed running this contest and hope you all did too. I also want to thank all of you for participating and voting! You made the contest fun and exciting. I’ll definitely be doing more like this one!


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Woohoo! Good luck everyone who entered!

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Reki275 said

Yay! I’ve been refreshing a ton… Pretty sure I just managed to text enough people to get me into 10th place. Thanks for the update!

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Oooh exciting!! Good luck everyone

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