False Reviews posted- Please help.


This morning we woke up to a scammer on this website taking it upon them self to boost our teas while bashing other teas.

I want to assure you we had absolutely NO part in this and are just as dumbfounded as everyone else!

I have reported them to Customer Service and tried to find this out on my own as well.

I apologize for all the trouble this is causing, please know that I am doing my best to fight for all of us. I have been on this site for years, communicating and sending samples to share this tea and get honest feedback. I would NEVER jump online and throw out dishonest or hurtful reviews. Many of the folks this person reviewed are my dear friends.

If you are able, please also send in a request to have this fixed immediately.

Kindly yours,


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I’m not a client of yours, but I have noticed you seem to be a reputable seller. Since It would be suicide to do something like this to boost your sales, (and stupid cause easily identifiable) I choose to believe you.

Hoping this will not affect you credibility. There’s been so many spammers on Steepster lately, who knows what this really is.

Thank you so much for your message. I appreciate it.

I am writing everyone I can to get it sorted out, but a bit lost at the moment as well.


My heart goes to you. And don’t worry too much, I’m sure all will be resolved :-)

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K S said


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Frolic select said

Please do take care of yourself. I can tell how badly you are feeling right now but it seems things are out of your control for now.

I wrote this in the other thread but I’ll repeat it here, right now you should make your self a cup of tea and try to do something you enjoy.

Blessings, thank you for the kind words.

I have a call into the moderator and hope to hear something soon.

Thank you for your gentleness.

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Super Jason can fix anything.

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boychik said

I did receive free sample from Nicholas and bought 2014 Sheng Yiwu Village Autumn. My experience was awesome in terms of quality and customer service. I just read the other thread and cannot believe ppl comments. Surprised. I wouldnt believe for a second that Misty Peak would do any thing like this. Sorry Nicholas that you have to go thru this situation.

Yah, I feel bad I had such a sharp tongue. I promise I’m not a schmuck!

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mj said

Nicholas, I am sorry if I caused you an undue amount of distress. This was my first contact with your company, so not having any history with you I could not know that this was out of character for you. There didn’t seem to be any other explanation since your company so clearly benefitted from the activity of the spammers and I wanted people to be aware that the ratings were being rigged. That is why I started the thread about the spamming. Your response has been great though and I’m sorry if you’ve had a terrible day.

MJ. The site needs people like you MJ; nothing to apologize about at all. I appreciate you monitoring what is going on and thank you for writing me as well, you are very kind.

It looks like whatever happened was reversed, so hopefully it doesnt come back again.

Blessings and thank you again for writing.

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mrmopar said

I don’t think any of this is the work of Misty Peak teas. Nicholas is a fine upstanding member of our community and should be given the chance all of us have. You are not guilty till proven so and no one should jump to a conclusion on this.
A good seller that has given many of us a chance to try a “hand processed artisinal tea” that we may not have had a chance to try without their generosity.
We have seen the spammer attacks in the last couple of weeks on here so I don’t judge hastily.

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MzPriss said

I don’t believe it is either. Misty Peaks is a GREAT company and it would be incredibly stupid of them to do that. I appreciate your tea and your service Nicholas.

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