4th Annual Los Angeles Tea Festival

http://teafestivalla.com/ August 16 and 17th

Who’s going? (there might be groupon/amazon local/living social deals still available)

I’m thinking I’ll be there on Saturday for the oolong and pu’er class.

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Frolic select said

American Tea Room sent an e-mail with the following “Use code AMERICANTEAROOM at teafestivalla.com for 50% off tickets to the LA Tea Festival 2014.”

I don’t live in SoCal any more but hopefully this may help some who do. I’d love to hear all about it from those who do go.

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MzPriss said

If it was one week later, I would be on vacation and I have SW airlines passes – sadly I won’t get to go

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I wish I could, but the list of exhibitors doesn’t seem very long and all in all the expo doesn’t seem big enough for justify driving down to LA, especially without friends/carpool. I’m hoping for one to pop up in the SF Bay Area sooner or later.

Here was last years http://oolongowl.com/oolong-owl-owlbombs-2013-los-angeles-international-tea-festival-2013/ it was one big open entrance in the museum with like 2 rows of tents outside. This year is supposed to be bigger (American Tea Room being the big new appearance) but I figure this’ll be still small as the venue is small.

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I’m going to the one in San Diego…I’m sure it won’t be as big, but it still sounds great. Will have to skip the $100 sommelier class though!

I was thinking about the San Diego one, but I figure it be too small for me to make the trek for plus I don’t have any family out that way anymore.

I’m skipping the sommelier class too for the LA one. I was considering it, but I figure if I wanted to do it, be better to do one of the online ones offered in Canada that seem more popular.

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mars1 select said

I’m going to go and after I’ve read the description of the sommelier class, prefer to spend my time at the expo tasting tea. By the way, would anyone know a good tea sommelier book?

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Pictures from this afternoon at the LA tea festival!

boychik said

Love your report and pics! Thank you

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