Spot52 select said

Tovolo Tea Press

Has anyone used one of these?
I looked at their website photos, and I still cannot figure out how the thing works. If anyone can confirm how it works, or even their experience using it, I would love to hear it.

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Cofftea said

Maybe I’m over reacting but “press” and “tea” just shouldn’t go together in my book- unless it’s a reverse french press. And that aside, it seems like the leaves would be awfully crowded in there.

Spot52 select said

and that is partially what I am trying to figure out. The syringe like plunger is supposed to draw water in, but is it also supposed to press it all out? Or can gravity do the work, and just let the excess water drain out? If it works like a gravity press, then it might be a nice compact way to steep on the go.

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