Dxniel said

How long will high-roasted aromatic teas keep their aroma?

I read that high-roasted teas can be kept for a long time. That they are in fact even preferred by some when they are aged due to it’s increase in medicinal benefits (according to what I read).

My question is; if I were to buy an aromatic, high-roasted tea like a high grade Mi Lan Xiang Honey Orchid Phoenix Dan Cong tea, would it still maintain it’s aroma and sweetness when it is kept for perhaps 3-5 years, or would all that remains just be a basic tea taste?

The reason I am asking this is because I want to buy Mi Lan Xiang tea, but I am probably going to keep it for a long time before I run out of the tea.

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AllanK said

I think the general rule of thumb for Oolongs it they last one to two years but I have seen people say they store them much longer. I know I have flavored black teas that begin to lose flavor after a year of storage, but I think that’s just the flavored teas. I think you get longer storage out of any straight tea.

There is some theory that Oolongs can actually be aged and good for years, but the flavor profile would still change quite a bit.

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