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How to brew those multi-tea type blends

So, I’ve got a tea that I’m aching to try, but it’s a blend of green and black teas. Black teas = hotter temps, green teas = lower. I’m going to try it later today with some middle type temps, but I wanted to ask how other people tend to brew these. Do you go for a middle temp, or something else?

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I usually go with the temp of whatever tea needs the lowest. Can always steep longer to bring out the flavor more :)

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It depends upon the blend… with a green/black tea blend, I would go with the steeping parameters of the green tea. You will probably find that you get a little less flavor out of the black tea portion of the tea, BUT I think that this works to the tea’s best advantage because if the black tea is at full strength, it will likely overpower the more delicate notes of the green tea. By using the green tea brewing parameters, you will be able to enjoy aspects of both of the teas without worries of scorching leaves and getting a bitter cup.

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