Dustin said

Lupicia Discontinuing Some Hawaii Exclusive Blends

Last month I spend some time in Hawaii and stopped in the Lupicia store in Honolulu. I was super excited to buy and try their Hawaii exclusive blends, but was met with the sad news that they are discontinuing half of them! The ones they are keeping are Hoku (which is reworked to include coconut), Palekaiko, Lanikai, Kuuipo, Huaa Ki and Anela. That means they are discontinuing Loki Lani, Malama, Hanalei, Aloalo, Kilauea and Anuenue. They still had some left of the blends they were discontinuing, but not all of them and some of the California locations have some of them too. So if you love any of the ones they are getting rid of, it’s now or never to get more of them. I really liked the Loki Lani too. :(

I don’t know how they decided which to discontinue, but they are getting rid of some really interesting blends and keeping some that seem kind of mediocre.

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Skysamurai said

thank you for letting us know. Ill be in San fran next weekend and I’m looking forward to going to one of the stores!

Have fun. The store is located on the 3rd floor of the Westfield Centre.

Dustin said

I didn’t make it to the SF store, but the San Jose store had Malama and Kilauea if I’m remembering correctly.

Tealizzy said

Enjoy SF! There’s also a DavidsTea in that mall, downstairs by the food. :)

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