$1 tea sample packs, We have 6 to choose from and a $5 flat shipping rate to the US and Canada

Hello everyone, we’re a relatively new tea company serving the US and Canada. We sell British themed teas as well as a few others. We don’t really profit much from our sample packs but we just want to get people trying our teas!


We have 6 sample packs to choose from each containing 5 teas and enough of each tea to make 2 cups:

Black Tea Sampler Pack – Butterscotch, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth II, Raspberry and Honey and Cream Irish Breakfast.

Black Tea Sampler Pack II – English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, Castleton Darjeeling and Vanilla Chai.

Flavoured Tea Sample pack – Yorkshire Earl Grey, Wimbledon Strawberry Tea, Orange Blossom, Monk’s Blend and Chocolate Rooibos.

Fruit Tea Sampler Pack – Raspberry and Honey, Orange Blossom, British Summertime Fruit Blend, Lemon Tart Rooibos and Wimbledon Strawberry.

Herbal Tea Sampler Pack – British Summertime Fruit Blend, Chocolate Rooibos, Lavender, Lemon Tart Rooibos and Pecan Pie Rooibos

Unflavoured Tea Sample Pack – Scottish Breakfast, Gunpowder Treason and Plot, John Dodd’s, White Peony and Lavender.

Shipping – If you’re ordering from the US your order will arrive in one package. If you’re ordering from Canada and you order multiple products/samples your order may arrive in more than one package but we will mark the package as “1of2” etc so you know what to expect, we do this to keep shipping costs down in the notoriously expensive Canada post system.


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Nice deal! Your teapot icon is adorable too.

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