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I’ve been using the strainer that came with my Teavana tetsubin, which is almost exactly the size of my 6oz cups… but, isn’t so great for anything larger or smaller.

My IngenuiTEA is awesome for everything else, and keeps the rooibos out… but, is starting to leak all over the counter when I brew. It’s probably 5 years old, and I’ve never changed the filter… so, it may just be time for a new one.

I’ll have to check out that fine mesh strainer from Teavana.

Caitlin said

wow 5 years! Thats an impressive life-span!

Cofftea said

Humangirl- I occasionally have that problem. Before adding the water, just push up on the bottom w/ your finger just to make sure one side isn’t stuck. If I do that, I don’t have probelms. Hope that helps!

It gets stuck a lot, and your solution works well for that… but, this is just a slow leak that doesn’t seem related to that at all. I think the little rubber ring in the bottom isn’t sealing well anymore.

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Here is my two cents worth:
A chatsford mug infuser. Same great infuser that comes with their teapots, but made for a mug, with the little tab for lifting out of the cup! The infuser is made of really fine mesh that will not allow even the smallest particle to pass. I use this infuser to strain off my chais and for my rooibos teas and have had absolutely no problems with leaf in my cuppa!
This infuser will fit in multiple size cups/mugs and at $5.60 without a lid and $6.40 with a lid, this is a really good bargain! They are also dishwasher safe.
Oh my! I sound like a walking advertisement for Chatsford…they should pay me..LOL

Caitlin said

hmm… that sounds pretty intriguing cheap, dishwasher safe and fits multiple sizes

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