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Calling All Athletes for the Grand Matcha Experiment

Hi everyone,

We wanted to let Steepster folks know about an exciting experiment we are hosting over the next few months.

In short, we are looking for competing athletes who want a free 2-month supply of matcha in order to track how matcha affects athletic performance!

With the Olympics here in Vancouver this year there was tremendous attention devoted to athletes and athletic performance. As we watched competitors get bad starts because of nerves, or fall back from a winning position because they ran out of energy, we kept thinking, “they need to drink matcha.”

Matcha has unique health benefits that could make it the perfect addition for any athlete’s training program as an all-natural benefit to energy, endurance, and mental clarity. However, matcha’s benefits are still not widely-known in the athletic communities.

So we decided to test our theory by documenting athletes’ performance as they incorporate DōMatcha into their training regimen!

Both selected participants AND the people who refer them will receive complimentary DoMatcha and accessories.

Please spread the word about our Grand Matcha Experiment, or apply to participate!

You can learn more here:

Or apply to participate here:

Thanks, and happy matcha drinking!
The DoMatcha team

3 Replies

How very exciting…good luck to those selected! It’s about time someone gave Matcha a chance in an environment such as this.

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Jillian said

It doesn’t sound terribly scientific (you don’t seem to have a control group to compare your findings against for one thing) but the results sound be interesting to see none the less. :)

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Suzi said

Alas, the most athletic thing I do regularly is hiking, and it’s only a competition with myself :-p Sounds really cool!

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