Vendors and Merchants- Your Packaging Matters!

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From some replies, it appears that the crux of my post may have been missed on some. I’m not suggesting that packaging needs to be expensive or fancy. However, if I’m spending a lot of money on a tea, at least make it look like there was some care in its preparation. What if you ordered a meal in an expensive, fancy restaurant and they brought it out on a paper plate? It might be the best meal you ever ate, but your initial impression is going to impact how you think about the place for future visits.

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Lori said

I guess I have been lucky so far I have not had any really sloppy packaging. My big pet peeve is Teavana with it’s expensive up charge for the tins. it makes the yea expensive for a tea newbie….

Lori, I could do a whole new topic on that particular vendor’s up-selling practices. I love their tea but I sometimes feel like I’m talking to a used car salesman when I go there. There are a ton of places where you can pick up tins or other storage containers. Your local organization store or restaurant supply company might be a good place to look.

Spot52 select said

One of my favorite threads ever:

Holy cow! It all makes sense now- those poor people are TREATED like used car salesman! I run a customer service department so I’m always keying in to how other companies treat their customers and employees. That post has given me a whole new image of Teavana. It’s unfortunate because I do like some of their teas but hearing how they operate bothers me.

Lori said

Yes teavana does give a hard sell……and I do feel bad for their employees if they are not treated well…

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