$25 Dollars off Fresh Indian Teas from Teabox!

Last week I stumbled across Teabox, an Indian tea company specializing in super fresh teas from throughout India. I wanted to take a moment to make sure everyone knew about this company. Now, I have 47 different tea companies bookmarked in my browser, many of which I have wanted to try for years, so for me to stumble across a company and order from them immediately is pretty amazing. They were have an Indian Independence Day sale and so I just went for it.

Their fulfillment centers are actually in India, my package was shipped from Siliguri in Darjeeling. This allows for them to have a direct relationship with the estates they purchase from, and to personally attend the tea auctions from which tea is originally purchased. This makes for about the freshest tea I have seen. This doesn’t make for a longer shipping time however. They ship DHL, so it made it to my doorstep in just four days. It was actually amazing watching its journey through the tracking information.

Anyway… I just thought you people should know about it. There is also a referral program, so if you create an account through this link: http://fbuy.me/baxDf you will receive $25 dollars off your first order. Of course then I will get a bonus also.. :)

Either way though, check this company out. I was super impressed. And if you are wondering, as I am sure you are, the tea I have tried so far is excellent..

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Thank you to whoever used the link! Problem is now that I have a store credit I am spending all of my time browsing the site trying to decide what will be in my next order… :)

Haha, yes they have some interesting teas! I just took four of their most recently picked green teas. It will be an interesting change from the chinese greens I usually drink. Thanks for referring me :).

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Note: it’s $25 off $50.

I was able to use their “save10” offer which allowed me to get free shipping, so I bought $53 (it had to be $50+ as you say) worth of tea and basically got it at half price with $25 off, a pretty good deal imo!

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I have never ordered tea from india before. Does anyone know anything about green tea from India? How do they compare to chinese greens? They don’t seem to be as popular as their chinese counterparts, at least here on Steepster. It will be really interesting to try!

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How were the green teas you tried from Teabox? I have been considering trying them but haven’t ordered yet. Any particularly good ones?

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