Tea and Teeth

So I went to my dentist and got the usual spiel about drinking less soda. This got me wondering about weather Tea would be equally harmful to teeth.

One article proclaiming white tea to be a super healthy miracle drink says white tea can help prevent cavities.
I’m a little skeptical on that one.

This article said green tea was a natural source of teeth strengthening fluoride http://ezinearticles.com/?Protect-Your-Teeth—-Drink-Green-Tea&id=382647

A third Article i read said that black tea can actually kill off bacteria that cause gum disease.

So it seems that tea might be good for teeth, however it also might be that these pro-tea articles are much more interesting and popular than articles saying that tea can stain teeth.

Anyway what are your thoughts?
Does anyone know a dentist to get their opinion?

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Spot52 select said

One food network show said it was the tannins in tea that sticks. They claimed that dark tea and red wine were the worst. But that is only about staining. Who knows.

Cofftea said

Dark tea staining just makes sense lol. I say drink up then brush your tea and rinse w/ a whitening rinse knowing that you’re doing your teeth (and the rest of your body!) good. Stains may be unattractive, but I don’t think I’d classify them as unhealthy.

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tea and coffee both stain teeth, so say my teeth

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