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Cofftea said

Rishi is also having one day sales thru 12/31.

Today’s (11/29) One Day Sale:
Organic White Tea Set
Regularly $40- you save $18

Organic handcrafted loose leaf teas best reveal their nuance and unique origin characteristics when prepared in appropriate teaware. Rishi Tea is proud to offer our Organic Tea Sets, each of which includes two best-selling teas, a teapot or infuser cup specially chosen to pair well with the teas. Each gift set is beautifully packaged in an environmentally friendly, hand woven gift box made of renewable bamboo.

Cofftea said

Today’s (11/30) One Day Sale!
Mannong Manmai Organic Fair Trade Certified™ Loose Leaf Sample Set
Regularly $25- you save $10

The higher purpose of Taste of Origin is to educate tea drinkers about the geographic origin of tea and why it matters. This Taste of Origin comes from one of the oldest tea-producing gardens in the world. Located in the birthplace of tea-China’s Yunnan province-Mannong Manmai is an ancient tea garden where wild tea trees occur naturally, grown from 1,500-year-old seed stock.

This set includes the following:
• Golden Yunnan Black Tea (30 grams)
• Classic Pu-erh Tea (30 grams)
• Emerald Lily Green Tea (20 grams)
• Moonlight White Tea (18 grams)
• Mannong Manmai Guide Book
NET WT 3.4 oz (98g)-Steeps 30 servings

Jason admin said

This is now the Steepster Select featured item for today since it’s such a great deal and I didn’t realize that the White Tea Set was for yesterday (they change their’s at 10AM CST, I’m used to Select changing at midnight…)

Cofftea said

Today’s (12/ 1) One Day Sale!
Jasmine Pearl, Organic Green Tea
Our best selling tea!
You save up to $40!
Normally $7.50 1oz, $27.50 4oz, $49.75 8oz, $85.00 1 pound

The most tender green tealeaves and silvery down-covered buds are hand rolled into small pearls and naturally scented with the essence of fresh jasmine blossoms. The fragrant blossoms are mixed with our reserve Dragon Pearl (Long Xu) several times until it becomes infused with the sweet flavor and heady aroma of real jasmine. More than 20 pounds of fresh jasmine flowers are used to scent each pound of dried Dragon Pearl green tea.

Water: 180°F / Leaves: 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces / Infusion Time: 3–4 minutes / Ingredients: Organic green tea and Organic jasmine flowers. / Origin: Fujian, China.

DANG IT. I wish I had room for this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE jasmine.

Cofftea said

Today’s (12/2) One Day Sale!
Plum Blossom Teapot
Normally $30.00-You save $14.00! – almost 50% off!!

Rishi’s Plum Blossom Teapot is handcrafted in Tokoname, Japan, a region renowned for natural ash glaze pottery. Tokoname’s ancient pottery kilns are thought to date back to the 9th century. Early Tokoname pottery consisted primarily of earthen vessels for Buddhist ceremonies, but steadily improving economic conditions fostered artistic growth. During the Momoyama period (1573–1603), artists began crafting household items reflecting the tastes of the period. Chinese teapot craftsman Jin Shi Heng introduced his “naked clay” process to Tokoname potters in 1878, when unglazed clay teapots from Yixing, China, were fashionable in Japan. These techniques influenced the development of Tokoname teapots, which today represent some of the world’s greatest and most functional teaware. We selected the Plum Blossom Teapot to complement the art of infusing Rishi’s authentic Japanese teas.

For Japanese teaware collectors, Tokoname instantly conjures visions of the famous Shudei kyusu (red clay, side-handled teapot). The handcrafted, hand-etched Plum Blossom Teapot exemplifies the iconic Tokoname kyusu. Highly refined clay and masterful technique yield an impeccably smooth, yet unglazed surface. The Ita-Ami (fine mesh stainless steel filter screen) gives this teapot superb function for premium loose-leaf teas.

Origin: Tokoname, Aichi, Japan

Diameter 3.25"
Height 2" (not including lid)
Approx. 8 oz by volume

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Cofftea said
FREE 2oz of Rooibos Rose Garden Tea from Teavana w/ every purchase!

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Cofftea said is having some great sales- some of which go thru 12/7.

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