Harfatum said

Good teas with hibiscus?

I’ve been looking into hibiscus, because it has been shown to be effective in reducing blood pressure. I kinda like Honest Tea’s Black Forest Berry tea – it’s pretty refreshing when served cold – but it’s a bit expensive to buy for frequent consumption.

Does anyone here have any favorite non-bottled teas that contain hibiscus?

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The republic of tea
Pineapple Lychee Hibiscus

Meghann M said

I second that recommendation. Yum! The Key Lime Hibiscus is good too if you love lime flavor, but you have to LOVE lime as it is pretty potent. The Pineapple Lychee is more sweet and pineapple-y.

you got me addicted :) best iced tea for summer ever, no sugar needed

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Art of Tea has an awesome blend, great iced as well:

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Hey! Try Hibiscus out with some ginger and sugar! Ice well! And if you are looking to infuse it with alcohol, it works great with rum!

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Lori said

One that I inititally hated and now LOVE especially iced is wei cha cha from Samovar- it is a blend of hibiscus and some spicy flavors…love it.

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slygirl said

We serve White Lion Cranberry Hibiscus at the spa I work at and the guests can’t stop raving about it. I also recently bought Zen Tara Tea’s Organic Hibiscus Botanical Tea at their shop recently. I’m gifting it to a friend so unfortunately can’t review it. http://www.zentaratea.com/hibiscus.html

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