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Aliexpress -> EU

I’m interested ordering some gongfu stuff and pu erh from aliexpress, do you know any trustworthy and good sellers? Also since I’m in EU, what certification does tea/teaware need EU/CE, EEC, CIQ, what will customs let through. I tried to search answer from the internet, but I didin’t find a clear one.

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when you order outside EU (e.g. India for your Assam/Darjeelings) the value of the goods is not allowed to exceed a value more than 150 Euros. (if higher you need to pay import duties)
Japan – usually a nightmare. once placed a large order of sencha, and had to pay double the price on import duties to get it throug customs.
Advise you to double check to avoid any surprises there…

other rules/restriction are applicable for food (tea for example) and non-food (teaware..)

Pls. contact offices in your country, they are usually able to help out. (I am in the Netherlands by the way)

Riimu said

Thanks for advises. Why exactly japanese teas can’t make it easily to EU?

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maybe this helps (you can option for other countries as well)

I used to work for a Dutch distillery so quite used to the tariff system of im-export of (pure) alcohol and beverages.

Japanese tea can make it into the EU, but there are restriction to FOB value, etc… maybe I just ran out of luck when they checked my parcel… I do order from Japan, but only small amounts since then.

Riimu said

That helps a lot, thank you.

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