Here's Hoping Traveling Teabox Round FOUR - US only

Sign ups for round four are now CLOSED
Round three was a success! Please read the new rule below!
Not to offend anyone, but I reserve the right to include people who have been on Steepster a while, who I deem are more trustworthy, who I know are active with trading, just so there is less chance for the teabox to get lost. There will be many sign ups, so I have the right to be extremely selective. I think that worked for previous rounds.. Please do not be offended if I do not choose you! Or you can start your own teabox. :D There will probably be future rounds. I will update this thread with the shipping order, which is how you’ll know if you’re in or not!

It’s called the ’Here’s hoping’ traveling teabox because not only am I hoping it works, but it might give others more confidence that other boxes might work. I know many people have been disappointed by these boxes before. The ’here’s hoping’ teabox is quite big – please keep in mind shipping it costs around $13. It will have everything from full ounces, to enough tea for a cup or two, and some teabags. The teas you include can be your favorites you want others to try or things that just weren’t “your cup of tea” just as long as you think someone might like them! The idea will be to replace an equal amount of tea that you take out.

ROUND FOUR // Please follow a couple people before and after you on the list!

Fyrefly1981 – Washington Received 10.8.14 Sent 10.12.14
EvaGrimm – Washington Received 10.12.14 Sent
NayLynn – Texas Received 10.31.14 Sent
Dustin – Texas Received 11.10.14 Sent 11.17.14
FlyAwayBirdie – California Received 11.23.14 Sent
Frolic – California Received 12.5?.14 Sent 2.12.15
TraceyC – California Received 2.18.15 Sent 3.9.15
Awkward Soul – California Asked to be skipped this round
JeweledThumb – Maryland Received 3.16.15 Sent 3.28.15
KiwiDelight – New York Received 3.30.15 Sent 4.9.15
Veronica – New Jersey skipped due to no response
Tea Sipper – back to me – New York

+ NEW RULE FOR ROUND FOUR : As much as I love flavored teas, they seem to be taking over the box. It would better if there was a balance between unflavored teas and flavored, so try to add an equal balance of unflavored and flavored (ie: If you add five flavored teas, try to add around five unflavored). Just as long as the flavored teas being added aren’t more than the unflavored… just something to keep in mind!

+The teabox will travel within the US only. Sorry! I want to keep shipping costs down! PLEASE mail with the delivery confirmation option! Post updates on the box in this thread. Please add an equal amount of tea that you remove. Also include on this thread what you added to the teabox and what you took out since I will not be including a notebook to keep shipping weight lower.

+ Please send the delivery confirmation number to me and the person you are mailing the box to. Please do NOT post in this thread with the delivery confirmation number due to privacy issues and your location being public.

+ Please only keep the teabox for a couple weeks at most. It should give you time to sample some things in the box, but not too long that it is held up. Let me know if something comes up before the box gets to you and I can move you in the list.

+ Please make sure you are following at least a couple people after you and before you on the shipping list (and hopefully they will be following you) so you can get their address quicker, and in case the next person doesn’t respond. Also, ask for the next person’s address as soon as you get the teabox. Check to make sure the next person is ready to get the box shortly before you mail it out as something may have changed (I’ve lost many packages asking for addresses way before I mail something.)

+Make sure each tea added to the box is labeled with name and brand.

+Try not to include strong smelling teas that might contaminate other teas in the box. For example, I store all of my smoky teas away from the others and I wouldn’t put them in a teabox. They’d make all the other teas smoky! Sometimes sandwich bags are permeable enough that the teas will affect the others. I recently put a tea that was smelling through THREE sandwich bags into one of these and it doesn’t smell through the pouch at all (and they have other sizes):×5-Ziplock-Stand-Up-Pouches-Bags-SUP-AA-Clear-Silver-/310658911232?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4854b6cc00 I know there are other options out there, but those work for me!

+Please don’t include anything too heavy like tea tins.

+It’s also a nice idea to look at the shopping lists of the next couple of members after you on the list, to see if you have any teas they’d like to try!

+Make sure the box isn’t too beat up before you send it to the next person and replace with a new box if necessary. Also, since there are so many teaboxes out there now, in an inside flap of the box, please write “Here’s Hoping teabox”. Please do NOT use a USPS priority box to replace the box, since if someone doesn’t pay priority shipping for the box, it WILL get lost in the mail. In the warmer months: Tea is supposed to stay cool, so if you can rescue the teabox from a hot porch as soon as possible, please keep that in mind.

+If you’re trying to search for this thread, just remember TEABOX (one word) and search for that in the forums (and make sure the thread is for round four). There aren’t too many search results for TEABOX.

Thanks everyone! I’m looking forward to round four!

The first round is here:

The second round is here:

The third round is here:

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Sign me up (again). Southern California.

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Dustin said

Ooooooooooo, I’d like to throw my name into the drawing! I’m in Austin, Texas.

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I would love to join, if I can be near the end of the list. I’m currently pregnant (due in November), and am only drinking herbal teas until after I have the baby.

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Oh, and I’m in Maryland.

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Michelle said

I would love to be included! I live in Virginia.

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I’ve love to be in for another round! Maryland. =)

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I’m in Washington state, I’m new, but I’d like to prove myself dependable. :-)

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I would like to join! -Washington state

I need you to follow me so I can message you. I need to know where to send the box! :-)

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I’d like to be included! California

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I’m still game. New Jersey

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