Cultures and Tea

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Tea-Guy said

Does anyone else love learning about teas’ cultural differences? What cultures inspire your tea drinking habits?

Suzi said

I just finished reading ‘Three Cups of Tea’ and now I’m terribly curious about the yak butter tea described again and again, as well as the whole Central Asian ceremony that seems to attend taking tea with friends/business associates/family/etc.

But yeah, definitely very curious about tea ceremony around the world.

Tea-Guy said

That book is on my reading list Suzi! I bought it from iBooks as soon as I bought my iPad but it’s behinds a few others. I’ll review it as soon as I can get to it. I’m excited to read it!

At the moment I’m reading “For all the tea in China” by Sarah Rose. It’s very well written and portrays an accurate account of how the East India company and the British Empire usurped control of the tea industry from China.

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teanytiny said

I’m currently researching the cultural dynamics of tea for my sociology class, but I’ve written multiple papers on the subject for an english class I took. It’s really hard to find resources online, so I suggest a book called " The World in Your Teacup" by Lisa Boalt Richardson. It talks about all kinds of tea tradition all over the world, different types of teas, foods served with teas ( including some recipes)…etc. If you have any links to articles or scholarly journals involving culture and tea I’d definitely love to see them since I’m having a hard time finding a secondary source for my research paper xD

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