Bharat said

Chinese Tea / Indian Tea ?

A question asked by many about the difference between Chinese and Indian tea. Although on the face of it the differences might not be very obvious, there are actually huge differences between teas from these two regions both in terms of the evolution of tea production and tea culture.

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yyz said

I love both, but I agree that the culture, preferences and history are very different and diverse between both regions of production.

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Nick Boehm said

I haven’t really tried many Indian teas other blacks. Does anyone have a favorite tea from India they would like to share with me?

looseTman said

Assam – I’ve enjoyed both of these:
- No. 49 Assam FTGFOP1 – Steven Smith Teamaker
- Assam Mangalam Second Flush FTGFOP1 – Zen Tea Life

Very well regarded but more expensive:
- Tiger Assam – Damn Fine Tea

Organic Darjeeling – I’ve enjoyed these:
- Organic Makaibari Estate Darjeeling 2nd Flush – Arbor Teas
- Seeyok Autumn Darjeeling

yyz said

Not necessarily specific teas but has a good selection of Indian teas and they sell most teas in 20g sample!e sizes. If you contact the owner with some of your preferences he’s usually pretty good at helping you make a selection.

priyaraj said

Indian Masala tea is famous all over the world. It contains cardamom, cinnamon,ginger, black pepper, cloves, milk, sugar and loose black tea.

#Very delicious in taste

#Have a cup of positive tea!!!

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TeaDream said

Indian and Sri Lankan teas are my favorite! Not sure why, but I just don’t get Chinese teas and I’ve tried a lot of them. I love Assams and Ceylons but don’t really care for Nilgiris or Darjeelings; Nilgiris are too mild for my taste and I could never get past the earthy flavor in Darjs.

Damn Fine Tea’s Tiger Assam and Red Tailed Hawk are my favorite Indian teas at the moment. Tiger Assam is full-bodied and ridiculously flavorful and I’ve never had it go bitter on me despite once steeping it for eight minutes (oops lol). Red Tailed Hawk is stronger and more complex and chocolatey. It’s probably my favorite of the two, though it has gotten pleasantly bitter a few times.

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Bharat said

I feel, Chinese Green Teas are better than Indian. But, Indian Black Teas gives us a real kick !

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lovvve Darjeelings, Assams and Ceylons.
Cannot stand Chinese black teas, they have a sour taste I dislike. (love the ‘tang’ of Indian teas)
Don’t care much for Chinese greens either (prefer Japanese), although I really love Grand Pouchung (buy in bulk, it’s my no. 1 oolong- for ever!); also love bai sha lu, which is a local green tea (Hai nan island) and it’s steamed green (similar taste as Japanese green teas.)
Nilgiri are not my cup of tea, lacks spirit.
Love Nepal teas – green, black and oolong. :)

have you tried a white assam tea? it’s yyummie!!

I know Indian teas can be less forgiving when oversteeped, but, once you know you to treat them, you’ll get a more complex tea than i.e. any of the Chinese blacks (IMHO)

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cookies said

I do love a nice Assam, but Chinese teas have my heart. Although I have to admit, with the exception of Bi Luo Chun, I prefer Japanese greens over Chinese greens. But when it comes to black teas Chinese blacks are my go-to. No contest.

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AllanK said

My main thing about Chinese vs Indian teas is I know many direct sellers of Chinese teas from China, I have heard of only one direct seller from India although I am sure there are more.

Can fans of Indian teas tell me about direct outlets to buy from India itself or do they just get their Indian tea from US retailers?

I’d try Golden tips teas or (Thunderbolt teas) and to name a few.
I am sure there are others, but these are very good.

yyz said

A number of tea estates and producing companies have started to offer limited offerings of their own teas. As for Indian tea companies selling teas from other estates include and darjeeing tea lovers I haven’t had any teas sent to me yet from India as shipping used to be ridiculous and still is at some but I can buy direct from Estate Lopchu at my local Indian Grocery Store. Most of my other Indian sub continent teas I get from Capital Tea Ltd a local company for me. The Assam Tea company is closely connected with the Satrupa Tea Estate and teas are distributed through Silver tips tea in the us other nationals can buy from the website above.

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