14lbs Mystery Tea Box - SOLD OUT

Hey guys! It’s been some time since I last posted a sale but I just really needed to show you what I’ve got. I went through my stash of personal teas and those I sampled for the business and decided to make up a huge box of tea. As many of those in he business we often end up with a large stash of tea that we could never dream of drinking ourselves no matter how hard we try so instead I’d like to give the opportunity for one lucky person to take home this box. It is priced fairly and worth hundreds of dollars. These are open stock, sampled teas, that need a good home. Check out the listing here….
Thanks for allowing me to share and hope all are well.

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Wow. Super cool and tempting. If shipping wasn’t so much I’d be seriously tempted to grab that up. And I really shouldn’t be considering more tea right now. Lol1

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Sent you a message on etsy, I would like the box.

Uniquity said

You’re insane!

Maybe! I’ll probably rehome half of it.

Mandy said

How much did it cost?

$40 plus shipping.

Mandy said

Not bad for 14 lbs of tea! I hope theres enough in there that you like to make it worth it (:

The tins alone are worth a lot to me.

I’m considering putting together one more box but it will be much smaller. Clearly I have a tea problem. LOL :)

mrmopar said

Don’t we all have the same problem……. :)

Mandy said

The tins are included? Then definitely a bargain!

I’ve got one more box put together in case anyone is interested…
This will be my last one for a long time.

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Denny said


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