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Mostly regarding milk tea style teas and shops: There seems to be a new type of tea machine out on the market, which looks like a hacked espresso machine with bigger cups for tea. The tea leaves are pressed into where the coffee grinds normally go.

What’s your take? I know of at least three tea places (milk tea style shops) in the San Francisco Bay Area that are using this new machine (SuperCue in San Francisco and San Mateo, and Jaszen in San Jose). The real flavor difference would presumably be because they use new tea leaves for you and your drink is customized (strength of tea, sweetness level, toppings). But the business model would probably mean alot more money in tea leaves for the business, which I can see is passed down the the customer. (Versus the traditional milk tea place where tea is brewed in bulk and aliquoted per drink ordered. Additional flavoring is via syrups and toppings.)

Well I personally can say that the teas I’ve had at these shops has certainly tasted more ‘tea-y’ than most generic milk tea spots. I enjoy the ability of being to pick which type of teas I get. But the price is steep, especially considering what one makes at home! On the other hand, I’ve never made it past one of these cups without getting totally buzzed on the caffeine! I like that it’s expanding the world of tea for those casual tea drinkers.

What do you think? If you’ve experienced this, or have any interest, I’d love to know your thoughts!

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Tabitha said

I have also seen a tea-presso machine in a milk tea shop in the Bay Area. I tried it and thought it tasted good! It was a strong brew, which I liked. I wouldn’t go and buy my own machine for it but if I was looking for a nice strong cuppa, I’d get it again. Also, at the place I got it at, it was the same size and same price as the milk teas? Which I was surprised at and honestly expect them to rise the price soon, since it’s a new place that just opened.

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