teatoad said

Tea podcasts?

anyone know of any good tea podcasts that i can subscribe to on itunes? The only one i have right now is Adagio TeaV with Zack Luye.

Dr tea had a podcast but it just randomly stopped.

Also Samovar had an interesting one that they also stopped. The still come out with videos, but i like to get them on itunes so i do not have to go and look for the videos.

I tried watching that sTEAp, but i had to stop that.

I can not find anything good. I am fairly new to tea and i just like learning about it. History, how to make it, different tools, how other people drink it, where to go, etc.

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Cofftea said

An existing thread already exists here http://steepster.com/discuss/208-fave-teacasts unfortunately no one has posted to it yet. You could be the 1st!:)

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Chef8489 said

Try teashow tv. Couple of guys from NC do a video podcast about tea. http://teaapp.squarespace.com/

teatoad said

i seen that podcast before and really could not get in to it. Thanks for trying.

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