Tea in Edinburgh (Scotland)

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good place to enjoy afternoon tea, and/or a good tea shop, in Scotland’s capital?

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there must be dozens on the Royal Mile and it’s vicinity….

Elephant House, Pekoe Tea of Edinburgh, Anteques, etc…
(google maps teastore…)

was in Edinburgh many times. :) Enjoy your stay

Thanks very much — I hope to try all of these places someday! I see that Pekoe has tastings on alternate Thursdays, and we can sign up for reminders/notices.

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Pekoe Tea gets good write ups – never used them

I will give a nod to Eteaket – fabulous little shop and awesome array of teas and good prices and you can take the tea away with you. I loved it there and you will find it on Frederick Street (just off Princes St, about halfway down)

There is also Curious Tea Rooms on the same road – never went in there but it looks an interesting place.

My vote is for Eteaket everytime

Thanks for the recommendation! Sadly, when I arrived at Eteaket at five minutes to 6, they would not seat me. I took a gander at Curious Tea Rooms right next door, and they did look interesting, but also had a closing time of 6. I learned on this trip that Edinburgh’s shopping culture politely but firmly informs you that one should head on to dinner and other things after 7 p.m., but you may sneak off to a big supermarket up until 9 p.m. Quite a change from NYC culture where you can shop ’til you drop, and big gourmet supermarkets close around 1 in the morning. I hope to make a longer trip to Edinburgh next time and schedule a visit to Eteaket at a proper hour!

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