Teas at my desk

I’m in the Steepster chatroom a lot and keep having a ‘someone help me decide what I want to drink’ dilemma. Except how can someone do that if they don’t know what I have? So I just made up a list of all of my tea and holy crap I didn’t even realize I had 70 unique teas at my desk. But here they are, this is the current list for when I need to refer to it.

Tea I have at my desk:

Manohari Estate Assam – Stash
Golden Monkey – Love Is Tea
Golden Fleece – Verdant (added 10/2/2014)
Castleton Estate First Flush Darjeeling 2014 – Steepster (added 10/2/2014)
Assam English Breakfast 2014 – Steepster (added 10/2/2014)

Flavoured Black:
Christmas chocolate mint – custom Adagio
One sweet cup – custom Adagio
Calming Chamomint – custom Adagio
Reichenbach Recovery – custom Adagio (sent to Marzipan)
Mycroft – custom Adagio
TARDIS – custom Adagio (sent to Marzipan)
Bitter Sweet – custom Adagio
French Vanilla Bean – Persimmon Tree
Cacao Mint Black – Teavana
Peach Cran-Tango – Teavana
Vanilla Black – Adagio
Cranberry Black – Adagio
Mango Black – Adagio
Candy Cane Black – Adagio
Butter Rum Black – 52teas
Raspberry Cream – 52teas
Double Chocolate Decadence – 52teas
Canadian Dream – Tealux
Sun Princess – Yokotea
Chocolate Cherry Black – Della Terra
Eight Candles – Della Terra
Golden Earl – Verdant
Wild Cherry – TeaHaus
Sakurambo – Lupicia
Caramel – Dilmah
Raspberry Cream – Mahamosa (new 9/30/14)

Li Li Xiang 2013 – Seven Cups (Steepster)
Laoshan Green Oolong – Verdant
Laoshan Roasted Oolong – Verdant
Hand Picked Spring Tieguanyin – Verdant
Traditional Tieguanyin – Verdant
Hand Picked Early Spring Tieguanyin – Verdant
High Mountain Ali Shan 2014 – Tearroir (Steepster) (added 10/2/2014)
Ever Spring 2014 – Tearroir (Steepster) (added 10/2/2014)

Flavoured Oolong:
Gardens of Anxi – Verdant
Silk Road – Verdant (added 10/2/2014)

Genmai-matcha Matsujirushi – Steepster
1st Picking Laoshan Biluochun Green – Verdant
Yame Shincha #3 2014 – Tea Wing (Steepster) (added 10/2/2014)
Mrs Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell Green – Verdant (added 10/2/2014)

Flavoured Green:
Milk Caramel – Lupicia
Pear Green-White – Mahamosa (new 9/30/14)
Summer Cabin Blend – Verdant (added 10/2/2014)
Genmacashew – 52teas (added 10/3/2014)
Tequila Lime – 52teas (added 10/3/2014)

Peppermint Chocolate (rooibos) – Republic of Tea
Mango & Passion Fruit – Wissotzky Tea
Chamomile and Honey – Wissotzky Tea
Blood Orange – Adagio
Lemon Grass – Adagio
Peppermint – Adagio
Lemonade Swirl – Tealux
Lomi Lomi Aloe Vera – Tealux
Divinity – Yokotea
Passion – Yokotea
Slimming Tea – Nature’s Tea Leaf
Fruit Tea Sampler (5 flavours) – Celestial Seasoning
Orange Grapefruit – Zen Tea
Strawberry Cream – Zen Tea
Raspberry Vanilla – Zen Tea
Chocolate Mint Rooibos – Zen Tea
Organic Throat Coat – Traditional Medicinals
Birchwood Herbal – Verdant
Cherry Kiwi Coconut Fruit – Mahamosa (new-9/30/14)
Caramel (rooibos) – Mahamosa (new-9/30/14)
Pumpkin Cream – Mahamosa (new 9/30/14)
Raspberry Leaf Herbal – Verdant (added 10/2/2014)

Matcha (Red Leaf Tea)
French Vanilla
Cookies and Cream

Zhejiang White Pearls – Steepster
Bai Mu Dan White – Verdant (added 10/2/2014)

Flavoured White:
White Coconut Blondie – The Tea Merchant
Tropical Jasmine – Verdant
Yunnan White Jasmine – Verdant (added 10/2/2014)
Apple Jack’s Apple Harvest Shou Mei (pony tea) – 52teas (added 10/3/2014)

Big Leaf Mini Green Toucha – Seven Cups (Steepster)

42 Replies
Ost said

Wow. That is a crap load of teas 0_0
By “desk” do you mean at where you work? Doesn’t seem like work spaces could have room for all that tea! You must have a lot of room there!
Really good selection of tea too, I might add :P

Yes, where I work. The desk is actually pretty big and there’s a big under-desk space too where I put a bunch of stuff. Also the desk is pretty much entirely covered in teas with a small place for the monitors and keyboard and stuff. I don’t print things out much, so don’t need a lot of space for paper or other things.

I love the image of your desk being all about tea with a bit of room left for officey stuff!

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Haha. Having that many teas seems a bit crazy, but what a wonderful environment to surround yourself with. :)

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I say have Chocolate Cherry from Della Terra next week.

Finished it this evening.

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Uniquity said

Brilliant variety! I have a dozen or so teas in rotation at work, but I wish there were more. What I want is two copies of my tea stash, so I can have whatever I want, whenever I wantm. Muaha!

What you need is a pocket dimension to keep your teas in. Then you could have access at any time!

Oh this would be so very nice. Magic for everyone.

Kaylee said

store tea in the cloud!

Uniquity said

I mentioned the other day in chat that it would be great if all of Steepster’s tea were in a cloud and we could all share. Bomb-diggity.

OMGsrsly said

I’d also need the cloud to have a kettle and access to nice water. :D

Dustin said

I don’t know… does anyone know if storing your teas in a cloud taints the taste or effects the freshness? That would be my first concern.

Uniquity said

I wonder if we would have to worry about security breaches. Hackers making off with our cloud tea.

Have so much tea that I’m not sure I’d even notice hackers making off with some. And of course, I got a new order in yesterday so…I brought it to work because of course I did.

Dustin said

Wow, what a scam! Chinese hackers are responsible for some big security breaches that have happened. It all makes sense now. They are practicing for when we do put our tea in the cloud. They grow it and sell it to us, then hack it back, then sell it to us again, then hack it again. Kinda genius if you think about it. I’m keeping my tea in a pillowcase from now on. I don’t think the hackers will think to look there.

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OMGsrsly said

I’m so jealous! I have 1 tea at work, plus whatever may have snuck into my bag. :)

are you not allowed to have stuff on your desk? Or do you not have a desk?

OMGsrsly said

No food in the lab, and a common kitchen area anyone can walk in off the street and use. Not ideal for a tea person, that’s for sure! When I’m organized I’ll bring 2-3 travel mugs with me to sip on through the day.

Tea lock box! put it in your lunch box? Hide a gravity steeper somewhere in the kitchen shelves?

OMGsrsly said

People leave stuff in lunch cupboards and in the hall and it often goes missing. So I just don’t. :/

Keep it in your car? I don’t know, it just seems sad to me that you can’t brew fresh tea at work :(

Dustin said

I like the 2-3 travel mug idea. I should try that for school!

I think you should get a “book safe” for your tea — something like this ( http://bit.ly/1ujABB7 ) — and keep small “snack bag” size ziplock bags inside it with a half dozen or so different teas. Surely you can keep a book on your desk….or in your bag….

OMGsrsly said

Dustin, when I was taking early classes AND working, I’d bring 5-6 mugs on an organized day. The contigo ones seal and lock, and are 2/$20 at Costco here. :) Just keep them upright to minimize any chance of a spill.

Brooklynsheep, I carry tea with me in my purse, but the other problem is where to make it. We have shared microwaves, no kettles, and I’m hesitant to store anything but my lunch in the fridge, so no milk either. If I swing past a cafe I’ll throw $0.50 at them for hot water and milk, but the cafes are a fairly significant walk away (about 1k or 1/2 mile).

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I’m totally jealous too. I’m in the same situation as OMGsrsly. No food near the labs. I have a cube, but I’m never there because the computer doesn’t work properly. Besides that it’s on the other side of the building and there are four other people assigned to that cube besides me… with one computer between us.

I keep some samples in my purse though, so I’m not totally without.


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People who don’t go on the tea chat miss out. I was in a mailing mood last night so everybody who wanted something off of this list is getting them put in the mail tomorrow. Cameron B, Roswell Strange, and Lariel.

Cheri select said

Dang, I missed out. (I don’t need more tea.)

Where is the chat box on this site? I have never seen it!

yyz said

It’s in a sticky post on the forum if you lose the link.

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Ubacat said

I am always at a variety of different places so I carry my tea with me. I put together single size pouches and carry them in a lunch baggie. My brewing vessel is my Timolino or glass travel mug when on the go. My biggest challenge is trying to enjoy greens , oolongs, or whites when in the offices. Mostly I just go for the teas that can take boiling water. I really would like to have some greens especially at work but there’s no way to get the water temperature right.

Michelle said

I do the same – but small sample sizes in a ziplock bag in my purse and it’s been working great!

Lynxiebrat said

You could buy a thermometer,I’ve bought 2 in the last couple of years though the 1st one stopped working when I accidently dropped it and the other one for whatever reason isn’t really working at all.

Also, I think there is a few posts that could serve as a guide to telling a person how long it takes to get down to a particular degree after it has boiled…I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it on here.
It would probably be some trial and error but worth it.

I have just started trying greens/whites in the office. I get the water and set a timer. Knowing it takes approximately x mins to get to a certain temperature. So far I have had pretty good luck with this method.

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Counting up…15 teas at my desk. It used to be more, but then I seriously de-stashed. I have to be careful not to have a competing grocery store’s tea at work, though. The Trader Joe’s stays at home. ;)

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Dinosara said

I have… all of the teas at my desk! Well, there are a few at home, but most of my 100+ tea stash lives at work. I have a set of drawers just for the tea, and they don’t all fit (of course) so there is a box next to the desk that also has tea. I do most of my tea drinking at work so it makes sense to keep it here.

Oh drawers…I should do that. I have some empty ones here since this isn’t my permanent desk and most of my random crap is there. I probably won’t, but I should. I like having it all visible to gaze upon.

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