I cutting my tea collection in half!!

My tea collection was getting ridiculous. I wasn’t going to finish all that tea. So I bagged up half my collection and I’m donating it to the local food pantry, I think they will love the tea!!! Is there such thing as too much tea, I think so. When you worry about how you are ever going to finish it. The picture are on my Tumblr: http://januaryfab57.tumblr.com/

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I think I’m just not ready for that conversation. Also I have a factor of magnitude of tea more than you did at least.


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I’m curious, did they take the tea? The local homeless shelter near me won’t take anything that isn’t fresh produce, or factory sealed and in-date so they probably wouldn’t take my tea because it’s not factory sealed anymore. I would probably have more luck ‘donating’(sharing) tea when I’m visiting the elderly center.

Then again, looks like your stash is mostly sealed/bagged. I have quite a bit more than that and primarily loose. Oh well. I wish you luck!

I volunteer for one, and they don’t care. I live in Ohio.

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yyz said

I did that with some of the bagged tea I had. They were happy to take it.

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