Looking for Tea Reviewers for Teatoxy

Hi Steepsters!

To encourage the Steepster community to review our teas, we’re offering 10 of our “Teatoxy Tea Packs” for 15$ incl free worldwide DHL shipping and a free Strawberry Loose Tea Strainer.
Condition of this offer is that you review the 3 included teas on Steepster at your convenience – we want your honest feedback and encourage swapping. Shipping from Thailand takes approx. one week.

Use code “STEEPSTER” during checkout (This is only valid only for for “Teatoxy Pack” on https://teatoxy.com/pack and limited to one per person)

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I’m interested, but I can’t find on the page how much of each tea is included.

Did it! Hiding my face in shame. lol

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Can you give some more detail? 3 teas included out of the 10? 10 packs are servings? How much tea is this in total?

Read the ingredients, the 3 teas looking pretty good actually.

I only see three teas on the link unless I’m missing something. I believe they meant that they will allow 10 people to purchase it at the discount.
Teatoxy Morning
Teatoxy Energize
Calm Me Teatoxy

Angrboda said

I understand it the same way, Marzipan.
I’ll pass on the offer, though, since all three of them contain known dislikes for me, and in the case of two of them, a strong dislike (hibiscus).

Still would like to know how much of each tea before paying $15 though.

Reki275 said

On the page for each individual tea, it lists as 35 gram per sachet.

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Reki275 said

This is very tempting to me. I absolutely don’t need any more tea, but seeing this in my current state of having been catching one flu or cold after another for the last 6 weeks or so makes this all the more interesting. It actually is a pretty reasonable price. (from Canada where shipping is my online shopping nemesis.) Hrmm…

Reki275 said

Yeah, I did it. Stupid curiosity.

Me too.

it’s almost worth it for the adorable little strawberry thing alone.

I got it too. And now getting weird errors from the site.

Throwing this error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘ErrorException’ with message ‘Error: Unknown column ’date_last_action’ in ‘field list’
Error No: 1054
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Reki275 said

Agreed. It’s really cute. I think the shipping was the closer for me, those two things alone almost make up the cost, and I’ve looking for something new I can drink before bed anyways. justify justify

Yes. I absolutely need more tea. Yep. shoves cupboard contents in a closet. A big closet. Yep. More tea.

And…um, the pictures were pretty!

@Starfevre I’m so sorry for that! We’ve just launched our online shop so there still might be a few bugs. On which page did you get that error?

As soon as I placed the order, I was getting it on all of them. Can’t see any of your site at all.

Thank you Starfevre! I’ll look into that right away ;)
Your order has been received (despite the error) and will be send your way in a few ours with a very big THANK YOU note and all the goodies :D

I got the error too, but I’m optimistic that my order went through is you received *Starfevre*’s. Will you send out a confirmation email?

EDIT: Now I can’t visit the site at all.

Reki275 said

I got the fatal error as well, but only for a moment before I was redirected to paypal and payment went okay, so I hope all went well with my order… Aha… We broke the website. Goody.

The fatal error that was displayed should be fixed now guys – I’ve already dispatched your orders this morning and sent you a confirmation email ;) I’m SO looking forward to what you think about our teas!

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Hi guys, thanks so much for your interest in Teatoxy!
Seems like there might be a couple of points that need to be clarified…

The 15$ Steepster offer will get you:
-Free shipping to anywhere in the world via DHL airmail
-3 packs of all organic Teatoxy Teas (aka the whole Teatoxy Pack consisting of Teatoxy Morning (50g), Teatoxy Energize (35g), and Calm Me Teatoxy(35g))
-Our Strawberry Tea Infuser from https://teatoxy.com/strawberry-strainer

To view the ingredients of each tea just visit our website https://teatoxy.com and click on the products “Teatoxy Morning, Teatoxy Energize and Calm Me Teatoxy”
We’re limiting this to only 10 people as we’re looking for honest reviewers of our teas, usually the pack offered starts at 40$ alone.

All of our 3 Teatoxy Teas are different – the ingredients used are:

Calm Me Teatoxy: Organic hops from Southern Germany, Thai hibiscus, peppermint, cornflower, marigold, goji berries, dried lemon slices

Teatoxy Energize: Thai lemongrass, Pandan leaves, Moroccan Rose pedals with Bluechai and Lavender

Teatoxy Morning: Rose hips, peppermint, apples, rooibos (African Red Bush), blackberry leaves, hibiscus, Thai lemongrass and marigolds

AllanK said

I don’t see the link for this steepster offer? How do we get it. After figuring out that hops are gluten free I am interested.

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This is very generous of you. And dangerous…. Looks lovely :]

(makes new cupboard space)

Hihi do you mean dangerous because of our name or because of the error? We thought Teatoxy would be a pretty good name for a “tea detox” combination ;)
We’ll send confirmation emails as soon as your order is shipped (Post office is still closed) and keep you updated!

On no it’s because it’s a great offer and I already have so much tea!

And thank you!

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AllanK said

I was looking over your website. I didn’t come across the specifics yet but I have another question. Where do you list the ingredients for your product? I have food allergies and won’t buy without an ingredient list.

AllanK said

Never mind, found the ingredients.

If anybody else is looking for the ingredients, they’re published on:

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AllanK said

If I read your site right it is a 35g package for 14.95? That’s quite expensive.

You can get all of our teas for 15$ incl free shipping to anywhere in the world & our strawberry tea infuser as Steepster member at the moment. Still some review spots left.

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AllanK said

Your site won’t let me register, I get a fatal error and another when I try to get back into the site via the link above.

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AllanK said

If you get your website working I would like to reserve one of those ten spots. I cannot get into your shop now the website just gives me a fatal error.

AllanK said

The fatal error happened only after I attempted to register my information on your site.

I’m so sorry for this Allan! The error should be fixed now ;)

There are still a couple of spots left, I’m thinking of re-starting this topic though as the error obviously wasn’t intended yesterday. Again, so sorry!!

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Thank you for the generous offer :) I just placed my order with you, the teas sound and look amazing!

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