wombatgirl said

Tea Swap - Shanti by the Simple Leaf

I have an opened bag of Shanti from the Simple Leaf I’d like to swap with someone. I weighed it – and it weighted 21 grams (including the packaging). I only took 1-2 tsp out of it before I decided it really wasn’t the tea for me.

I would like to swap this with someone – here are some of the teas I’d be interested in swapping for:

Richard’s Popcorn-and-a-movie Oolong by Ducky Teas
Ryokucha from Samovar
Silk oolong Formosa from Red Blossom Teas
something from Talbot Teas
Dragon Balls from Silk Road Teas
something from Kusmi Teas
something from Damman Freres

If you’re interested in swapping – let me know what you’d like to swap. I’d also be open to making this the base of a larger tea swap.


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Hi There… I have no need for the Shanti tea, because I have some of this in my stash… however, I’ve still a small amount of the popcorn and a movie tea and would be happy to share some with you if you’d like. Just send me a PM with your shipping information and I’ll send that your way… :)

wombatgirl said

Oo! PM’d :)

That Popcorn and a Movie Tea sounds so intriguing to me.

Rachel: I would be willing to send you a little bit of this too, if you want? I think I have enough to send a little bit to the both of you!

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Jillian said

I have St. Petersburg and Almond Green from Kusmi. I’d be willing to trade you an equal amount of either of those from some or all of your Simple Leaf tea.

wombatgirl said

I’d like to trade for the St. Petersburg

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