ikaika said

Tea houses in Hawaii?

I’m looking for any can’t-be-missed teahouses on Oahu. Japanese or quiet garden would be better than sandwich shop/English style for me. Quality and ambience would be my focus. Any favorites??

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IMANI said

Hello, love! There is a tea shop on King St. near the U of H called The Tea Farm Cafe. They serve loose leaf teas and have quite the selection! You can create your own blends as well. I worked there all through college. It has more of a cafe vibe rather than traditional tea house because it caters to students but it does have a lovely ambiance for what is it and the tea is fresh and abundant.

I know you are looking for more of a Japanese setting, I don’t know of any BUT the university offers a tea class that takes place in the Japanese Garden on campus- I sat in a few times and I think you’d enjoy it a ton.

Have a beautiful day, happy sipping!

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