TwoDog2 said

White2tea Club - Tea Delivered to Your Doorstep Every Month

My website White2tea is starting a new subscription based monthly tea club. For those of you who do not know me and my website, White2tea is a China based tea website that focuses mainly on Puer and Oolong tea, and soon a few black teas. We curate our collection of teas and travel to Yunnan to make our own Puer productions. We have been in China for about a decade and have been drinking Puer for about the same amount of time.

The tea club will have a variety of teas delivered to your door each month. Every month will be different. One month might have a few samples of high end aged Puer teas, while another month might have heavier weight (100g bricks, for example) daily drinking type teas. We will offer many kinds of tea, ranging from ripe and raw Puer to Oolong, or black teas – our goal is to deliver something interesting to your door every month!

Due to our shipping from China, we are currently only available for the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Macau, Hong Kong, and China. If you are interested in signing up but live in a different area, feel free to contact me and hopefully we can find a way to include you! The subscription is $29.99 and you are free to cancel at anytime. For more information, check out:

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Uniquity said

Soo interested…

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DigniTea said

Done – of course I’m in my friend!
Great idea and I look forward to seeing what you’ve uncovered for us.

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since I am the Netherlands……. I can’t join.
A bit annoyed that so (too) many tea subscriptions tend to focus on the US….
can’t be just a postage issue….I guess the US market is bigger…. more clientele…

oh well, off to sip some tea now and do away with my sorrows

Cheri select said

If you look at the page, TwoDog said to contact him if you live in a different country. Can’t hurt to try.

darby select said

I wonder if sometimes it has to do with your customs rules for food?

Hey Sandra! I run – I currently ship to Canada, Germany, Australia, and more. For Germany and Australia I have to change a few more dollars monthly but nothing too much. Check out the site and see if you’re interested. Email me with any questions! [email protected]

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i signed up! :)

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boychik said

Me too ;)

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DarkStar said

Signed up without hesitation. This will be awesome :)

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I’m interested, though I have no idea how much tea is received per month or any idea of what to expect. It’s a gamble …will have to think about it.

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What is the date cutoff to get in on November’s box?

TwoDog2 said

If someone signs up by about Oct 30th, it shouldn’t be a problem to sneak them in!

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mrmopar said

I will vouch for them. Great sellers in my book and good teas in their shop.

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Ubacat said

This sounds so tempting but my cupboard is so full already. It’s really nice to see a tea club that is all straight teas.

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