LauraR said

Tea Logging Question

I notice that many people log on here and comment every time they drink a tea—-even if they have already rated it. It is one thing if the impression has changed over time to bump it up or down, but how does it impact the overall rating of the tea if the same person rates the tea over and over again?? For example, gives the same score of 87 over and over again?? I think this would skew the ratings..

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AJ said

It does not. Every user’s rating is only counted once. Thus if you go back to log a tea you rated in the past, you will find that the scale is already set to the last rating you gave that tea. If you rate something the same a bunch of times in a row, it is only counted once, because it’s counted as your ‘overall’ rating. If you change it, your last rating is dropped and your new rating replaces it in the ‘calculations’. From what I understand.

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Cofftea said

Unfortunately AJ is right. I really wish we have the option of rating a tea each time we log it. Above and beyond that, I wish we could give the tea several ratings- 1 general rating reflecting out opinion of the tea, and other ratings specific to that particular logging that would not affect the over all score. For example: I deem LeafSpa’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha a 98… but let’s say I decide to make a matcha smoothie that is a total flop and want to rate it a 17. The 17 would not bring down the rating of the tea, but would allow a Steepster member to see that the way I prepared it that time was a complete fataliTEA.

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