Fu Zhuan help

A few years back at the nw tea festival I procured a Fu Zhuan golden flowers which I was really enamored with. It was light, delicate and had amazing flavor. I’ve been trying to find some more however most of what I am finding online is really sub par tea. Very twiggy and what not, most sources are saying that this isn’t a high grade tea. The brick I have is pretty good though, no twigs or fillers. Anyone have recommendations on some really good Fu Zhuan golden flowers?

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Cwyn said

Heicha definitely is made with lower grade leaves than black tea in general, and the brick versions are lower than loose leaf. Loose leaf packed in baskets is the traditional form of this tea, my understanding is the brick tea is more recent. Might be worth looking into buying basket tea, it is quite reasonably priced.

Otherwise, do you know the origin of your brick and the company that made it? I’ve read that in general, Guangxi brick tends to be better quality than Hunan, Sichuan or Shaanxi.

Chawangshop has some heicha that interests me, but their shipping can be pricey. I’ve been doing some pricing comparison lately of heicha and double checking aliexpress and EBay for the same or similar tea because those places offer free shipping. Sometimes the tea price is higher compared to other online tea companies but the free shipping can often offset the difference unless I am planning to buy a number of teas from the same company.

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